New CMP president will promote actions to boost the maritime sector

The new president of the Panama Chamber of Shipping, Engineer Nicolás Vulkelja, said during the inauguration of the new Board of Directors, that it is necessary to work together with the authorities and the private sector to implement actions that boost the competitiveness of industry and generate new investments.

During the CMP Board of Directors swearing-in ceremony for the period 2019-2020, held on June 13, Vulkelja said that in his plan of action a priority will be to establish relationships with the new maritime authorities, such as the new administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, as well as the appointed administrator of the Panama Canal Authority, Ricaurte “Catín” Vasquez.

Nicolas Vulkelja

The new CMP president, Nicolas Vulkelja.

He will also seek to approach other institutions, especially the National Customs Authority, the National Inmigration Service and the Tourism Authority; so that, together with the private sector, they work on strategies and the development of new projects to increase competitiveness.

President Vukelja emphasized that Panama has a strong maritime industry, a privileged geographical position, is a leader in the registration of ships, has economic stability, a solid banking system and a consolidated democracy, which make the country attractive for the establishment of new investments for the sector, but it must “work on being more competitive and avoid the implementation of additional costs that scare off local and foreign investment in our country”.

He added that in the current administration, a series of new costs were established and they must be reviewed. The agenda of the new Board of Directors includes working on the revision and updating of laws related to the maritime sector, in order to establish the necessary conditions to attract new companies and consolidate the current ones.

For its part, the Panama Chamber of Shipping will request the new government to develop more options for access to the sea, both in the Pacific and Atlantic, and that the new shipyard be tendered within the first six months of government.

“The construction of a new shipyard will allow more than 300 companies to work in its facilities, and will generate more than 2,000 jobs directly and indirectly ,” said Vukelja.

Also, during his presidency new projects will be promoted, such as the one that seeks to convert Panama into a center for yachts, taking advantage of the fact that Panama is a country that does not have hurricanes, among its many attractions.

“We have been working with the Panama Tourism Authority for the last three years, through our Yachts and Marinas Committee, which is quite active, because we want to turn Panama into a center for yachtsmen and in a way the country will benefit from the industry “without chimneys” said the president of the Panama Chamber of Shipping.

“Another goal for the beginning of our period is to continue with the projects of the Education Committee, which promotes the technical preparation of students, because it is imperative to have specialized personnel to meet the industry’s demand,” said the new president .

Vukelja will replace Patricia Velasquez who led the guild last year.

The other members of the Board of Directors are: Mary Carmen Barrios, René Gómez, Enrique Clement, Wendy Sagel, María Lourdes Galán, Francis Zeimetz, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Andrés Mata.

Members of the Panama Chamber og Shipping, authorities and special guests attended the swearing-in ceremony.

About Nicolás Vukelja

He is an Administrative Industrial Engineer graduated from the USMA, with a Masters in International Management of Maritime-Port Companies and is studying higher education at the Maritime University of Panama (UMIP).

The Panama Chamber of Shipping

The Panama Chamber of Shipping is a guild that agglomerates over 200 companies of the maritime and logistics private sector of Panama and was founded more than 40 years ago.

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