MSC Cruises visits the AMP

The Deputy Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), Captain Samuel Ferreira de Souza, accompanied by his team, held a meeting with delegates of MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises is one of the world’s leading cruise operators.

It is one of the world’s leading cruise operators and had the purpose of exchanging opinions and strengthening existing friendships.

“This meeting will be the beginning of important strategic alliances that we will establish, with outstanding organizations, both at an international and national level, since we wish to carry out an open door policy and a vision of collaboration to benefit the Merchant Navy, our seafarers, as well as the Department of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries”, said Subaministrador Ferreira de Souza.

The delegates of MSC Cruises showed their interest to continue with the conversations initiated with the management of the AMP and also expressed their desire to develop the maritime – port market and to enhance the operations of the Italian-Swiss company in the region .

At the meeting were, in addition to Captain Samuel Ferreira de Souza, were the Director of Merchant Marine (DGMM), Engineer Rafael Cigarruista, the Deputy Director of the DGMM, Captain Demosthenes Sanchez, Director of the Department of Seafarers (DGGM), Captain Juan Maltez and the Deputy Director of the DGGM, Engineer Víctor Luna.

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