Panama Ship Registry condemns illegal acts

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), through the Merchant Marine Department (DGMM), aware of the delicate situation of ships sailing in the Strait of Hormuz, expressed support for the statements by the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Kitack Lim, on this subject.

The statement was made during the 101st session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at the headquarters of this agency in London.

“In this regard, we strongly condemn the use of vessels with the flag of Panama for illegal acts that threaten the safety of human life and those that clearly violate international laws, conventions and agreements.

“They will be sanctioned and run the risk of the ship being canceled from the Registry”.

The AMP pointed out that “the national interests of Panama and the international community are strongly affected when these deliberate acts put the crews and international trade at risk”.

In relation to the case published in international media on the ship “RIAH”, IMO number 8816455, “we want to inform that on Friday, July 19, 2019, the process of ex officio cancellation of this vessel from the Panama Ship Registry was initiated.

The decision was taken after conducting an internal investigation in which information was requested from the resident agents and legal representatives of the ship, detecting that it violated international regulations deliberately, in addition to incurring irregularities in documentation and formalities that should be kept in the file on the ship in our institution”, informed the AMP.

“We reiterate that by international news and media it could be understood that the ship suffered some kind of emergency or disaster situation. “It should be noted that none of this information was reported through the appropriate channels to the Panama Maritime Administration,” said the AMP.

They also indicated that for the AMP “it is completely unacceptable that one of our ships is involved in illegal situations or acts in any part of the world. Therefore, vigorous actions will be taken when the shipowners/operators/crew try to modify or malfunction the global positioning equipment – AIS and LRIT – intentionally ”.

Finally, the agency pointed out that ship cancellations have been carried out for violating the national laws and international treaties of which the Republic of Panama is a signatory, “since, for this administration, the commitment to comply with the International Standards is of high priority and immediate attention,’’ the AMP stressed.

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