Panama’s first floating dock now operating

The first floating dry dock in Panama is already available and strategically located near the Panama Canal. Operators of coastal vessels, tugs, supply boats and similar craft, up to 200 feet in length, no longer have to take boats outside of Panama waters for preventive and corrective maintenance and repair.

The floating dock has been brought to Panama by Mr. Luis Cardenas, in charge of the Group Central American Line and Port And Services S.A., who has a long and successful career in various areas of Panama’s maritime sector.

The floating dock.

The floating dock.

Today the manager of the floating dock is Mr. Justo Reyes with wide experience in the maritime sector, especially in ship repair. He is a former director of the Panama International Maritime University.

Among his successes has been constructing cargo vessels in Colon, operating marine fuel tanks on both sides of the Isthmus, operating a tug boat service, barging company and much more.

“Panama now has the support service that the company Port And Services S.A., offers with its floating dock (dry dock) where it will promptly attend to national and International ships with the quality, responsibility and efficiency that it can offer,” said Mr. Justo Reyes general manager of Astilleros Port And Services S.A.

He indicated to The Bulletin that if this floating dock is a success, he will bring a larger one to Panama.Port And Services S.A., is located in the City of Colon, Pier 3, Republic of Panama. Telephones 445-1342, e-mail /

The floating dock also works with ShipyardsPort and Services, S.A., which is a company with more than 20 years in the maritime sector, investing in this activity with the vision of contributing to the development and growth of the naval industry, offering services such as: Steel change, free gas test, sandblasting, painting in general, dismantling, assembly, balancing of propellers and much more.

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