Shipping industry ask the ACP for an extension on tariffs implementation

The global shipping industry asked for 12 months notice before the new Panama Canal tolls are implemented. The request happened during the consultation meeting between the Panama Canal Authority and the shipowners.

  Shipping industry ask the ACP for an extension on tariffs implementationThe proposed new toll charges, that will affect all segments of the industry, are anticipated to enter into effect on 1 January 2020, the same day as the IMO ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ regulation.

However, global shipping considers that the given period is too short.

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), who combined represents more than 90% of the world’s merchant tonnage sent letters in that regard.

Previously the ACP had published and consulted proposed toll increases six months in advance, but due to the recent changes in the shipping market, the shipowners have requested that the ACP extends the period to 12 months.

The global shipping industry notes that the period between the publication of the proposed modifications and their date of implementation is six months, which is in line with requests made by the industry during previous toll consultations.

The above notwithstanding, the global shipping industry considers the six-month prior notice period to be an absolute minimum and kindly requests that the ACP adopt a twelve-month prior notice period instead.

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