Cosco Shipping receives container ship of 21,237 TEUS

Cosco Shipping has ended its massive construction program of 17 megamax container ships of 21,237 TEUs with the delivery of the “Cosco Shipping Planet”.

The program actually consisted in the delivery of three different series of ships ordered from four Chinese shipyards that originated in separate orders from Cosco and CSCL, the two main Chinese shipping lines that merged in 2016 to form the current Cosco Shipping.

Before the merger, Cosco ordered the construction of eleven ships in September 2015, while CSCL ordered six ships in October of the same year. Originally the delivery was scheduled for the 2017-2018 period, but fear of excess capacity caused Cosco to postpone the order of eleven ships until 2018 and the remaining six ships for 2019.

A total of four “Aries” ships of 19,273 TEUs were manufactured at NACKS Shipyards in Nantong; in Dalian’s DACKS Shipyard, two other “Aries” ships were built; Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard built three “Taurus” ships of 20,119 TEUs and Dalian Shipyard manufactured two other “Taurus” type.

The ships ordered by CSCL, six of the “Universe” type of 21,237 TEUs, were all built in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard and their ownership was transferred to COSCO Shipping in May 2017, as part of the merger.

With a length of 399.90 meters and a breadth of 58.60 meters (23 rows), “Cosco Shipping Planet” is a “megamax-23” ship. It has a MAN-B&W S90ME-C10.5 57,900 kW diesel engine that drives the vessel at commercial speeds of up to 22 knots.

In the series of “Universe” ships, the “Cosco Shipping Planet” follows its twin ship “Cosco Shipping Star”, delivered in June.

“Cosco Shipping Planet” joined the Cosco fleet on the Far East – Middle East route as part of the ‘MEX’ East service, operated under the Ocean Alliance framework, where it replaced the 14,568 TEUs ship “Cosco Shipping Himalayas” the last “small” ship that remains on that itinerary.

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