Panama implementing a platform to simplify ship registration by the end of 2020

According to the Panama Ship Registry, the current systems used by the Merchant Marine Department (Ship Registry) and the Public Ship Registry of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) will be integrated into a single platform called the “Electronic System of Ship Registration (ESRS)” at the of 2020. The idea is to simplify the registration process.

The director of Merchant Marine and head of the Panama Ship Registry, Rafael Cigarruista, indicated that “the integration into a single platform will facilitate the procedure for the user, which is our main objectives”._


In this way, the new global system will include innovations adapted to existing technology and improvements in the registration process.

The main features of the registry will remain available on the platform, such as the ship registration certificate, cancellations, mortgage registration, ship and radio licenses, property and liens certificates and discounts, reservation of names and general documents of the ship.

Call for tender

The Panama Maritime Authority is calling for an international tender that will run until the first quarter of 2020 for companies interested in providing the software.

“The implementation will be carried out in phases and should be fully operational by the end of 2020,” Cigarruista said.

“Users, shipowners, operators, managers, banks and/or law firms can use the platform directly. “In the end, it will be a single system. The ICP system, which, until now, only lawyers used. “The platform will be versatile in different languages.

“This new system will position us in the global era,” added the director of the Merchant Marine.

Scanning process

In addition, the AMP detailed that the ESRS will offer different facilities to users, including:

– Electronic Signature. That is, all documents will be signed electronically; This functionality implies an agreement with the Public Registry of Panama and its Department of Electronic Signature. Therefore, all Electronic Registration Certificates (shipping patents, radio licenses, etc.) using a QR code and/or barcode will be accessible for printing;

– Payment gateway: All the different payment methods currently used, such as credit and debit cards, will be available;

– Calculation calculator: Users can calculate the costs of each operation, including discounts, through the web platform;

– Emission of Electronic Certifications: users may request and receive their property and encumbrance certifications and electronically signed, in English and Spanish;

– Electronic post: The electronic issuance of the Apostille will facilitate the process of legalization before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and increase the level of user satisfaction;

– Online tracking: An application (App) for mobile devices will allow monitoring of executed procedures and alerts will be sent by email through the different stages of the registration process;

– Statistics module: The ESRS will allow the management of reports, dynamic graphs and indicators for statistical data;

– Validation of the Tax Liquidation Certificate: The presentation of the Tax Liquidation Certificate will no longer be necessary for the procedures required by the Department of Registration of Public Property of Ships, since the validation will be carried out through the system;

– Electronic Consular Authentication: Certifications legalized by the Panama Consuls can be made through the system and backed by their electronic signature.

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