Pecamar, S.A. Helping Colon and Its Ports

PECAMAR, S.A., is a company established in the city of Colon, Republic of Panama since 2006.

It is dedicated to the provision of port operator services (heavy equipment operators).

The company is located in the 4 Altos Shopping Center, in the city of Colon.

Pecamar offers heavy equipment training.

Pecamar offers heavy equipment training.

PECAMAR, S.A., has a workforce of more than 150 operators with vast experience in handling equipment such as tractors (Ottawas), Top Pick, Side Pick, RTGs, forklifts, lift trucks, trucks and cars.

Since its inception, PECAMAR, S.A., is constituted as a small family business that has continued to grow and prosper for 13 uninterrupted years.

It is thanks to this period that the company has acquired skills in the management of personnel and provision of port services, always looking to continue learning, improving and innovating to find alternatives that allow it to offer an excellent service, supported by an excellent quality of operators.

Currently, and for 13 years, PECAMAR, S.A., has provided services to MANZANILLO INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL (MIT) in the city of Colon, with whom it has continued a continuous and efficient collaboration.

An example that PECAMAR, S.A., is proud to share is the fact that for five years, and with 100% effectiveness, PECAMAR, S.A., has created a training program for aspiring heavy equipment operators.

It offers training and courses to open job opportunities in the province of Colon; an initiative that was taken and driven for the high demand and need for this type of personnel in the province.

Training for heavy equipment.

PecamarThe key to the success of this business model, which today represents one of the company’s greatest assets, is based on the good treatment of employees, coupled with the search for qualified personnel (98% Colon residents) that allows the company to provide a careful, professional and efficient service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The attention and respect towards customers, suppliers and collaborators has been the distinctive touch during these years.

The information provided by each of them represents a great contribution, whose main objective is to guide the company to provide correct and fast solutions that help instill the trust that New Friendships create.

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