Panama a “solid logistic block”

“Although Panama has positioned itself as a hub since container terminal transshipment operations began, other countries are competing under the same concept. “We are the only place in the world where the oceans are divided by only 80 kilometers, or 50 miles.”

In the opinion of Carlos Urriola, “Panama must take advantage of this and move cargo taking into account these two very close coasts joined by rail and road”.

The MIT is one of the busiest in the region.

The MIT is one of the busiest in the region.

Mr. Urriola, President of Manzanillo International Terminal Panama (MIT) and President of SSA International, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington State, drew attention to Panama’s logistics goal in a recent interview.

He oversees the operations of SSA maritime terminals in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and in other parts of the world such as Vietnam.

The port expert, with 40 years’ experience, explained that Panama logistics model needs to be refined,

“I think we should give much more importance to the country’s logistics development and, consequently, make greater investments in infrastructure,” in order to compete with other countries.

He considers that all the factors that affect the process must be integrated and cited as terminals to follow those of Singapore, Rotterdam and Dubai.

He affirms that the main challenge for Panama to be a leader in the region is to promote the country as a solid logistic block that involves the canal, ports, railways, roads, the Colon-Free Zone and transport companies.

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