Emirates Airlines launches direct flight to Panama

Aerolínea Emirates iniciará vuelo directo a Panamá

It will possibly be the longest non-stop flight in the world that will be launched by Emirates Airline (17 hours 35 minutes westbound) to Panama. With this flight, Panama becomes the first country in Central America with direct flights to and from Dubai.

The plane used will be a Boeing 777-200RL with 3-8 First Class, 42 in Business and 216 in Economy class. It will be able to carry up to 15 tons of cargo [...]

Tocumen prepares new bond issue

El Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, el “hub” de las Américas

To obtain the financing needed to complete the expansion of the South Terminal, the Tocumen International Airport administration expects to reissue debentures.

The delays that have occurred in the work due to changes in the original project design, prevent the administration from beginning to raise funds for the concession of the new “duty free” area, so they have announced that they will need to issue a new bond debt to complete the financing. It is [...]

The future of the Enrique E. Jiménez International Airport

Joseph Fidanque III

To boost tourism to Colón, Joseph Fidanque III, General Manager of Tocumen International Airport, announced plans at the recently held FOTUR forum for the reactivation of the Enrique E. Jiménez Airport.

Fidanque noted that the Jiménez airport does not yet have the expected activity despite an investment of $60 million made by the previous administration. Investors are now looking to repurpose the use of the facilities by creating an international training center for the Aeronautics [...]

Marcos A. Gelabert airport’s big move

Actualmente Air Panamá tiene su base de operación en la terminal de Albrook

The busy domestic flight terminal is being transferred to make room for the fourth bridge over the Canal

The construction of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, a project tied to the building of Metro Line 3 towards Panama Oeste, will impact land and air transport services in the City. Because of the expected stress the project will have on traffic flow along one of the City’s main arteries, the project is now calling [...]

Colón airport in need of new business ideas

El aeropuerto de Colón

The Colón airport, which had an investment of $58 million during the Martinelli administration, is not receiving commercial flights, so Tocumen, S.A. is analyzing alternatives to improve use of the terminal to begin generating profits.

One option is to use the facilities for an aviation school. Abelardo Sucre, regional airports manager of Tocumen, S.A., recently said that the Colón airport “is not a thriving business” and that “it does not generate profits.” He also said [...]

Vision of Tocumen in the next ten years

Joseph Fidanque III

By Juan Rafael Cortés Dean

In the plans for the South Terminal of Tocumen International Airport is a monorail that connects with the Panama Metro Line Two that would cost $60 million. There is also a need to build a new control tower, a new Customs center, 20 gates in the terminal, a third runway and a school of logistics.

The master plan may cost $600 million at the end of the development.

This was [...]

Tocumen airport gets high rating

De izquierda a derecha: Director General de IATA, Tony Tyler; Director General del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocúmen, Joseph Fidanque III; Ministro de Turismo de Panamá, Jesús Sierra; Director General del Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Alfredo Fonseca; Vicepresidente regional para Las Américas IATA, Peter Cerda

At a press conference in Panama focusing on the tourism and aviation industry, Tony Tyler, CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), referred to the advantages in Panama for the expansion of the Tocumen air terminal, describing it as one of the best airports in the world and a model for the aviation world. Present at the conference were David Hernandez, IATA Area Manager for Central America; Peter Cerda, IATA Regional Vice President of [...]