Colon Free Zone

Third gate opened in Colon Free Zone

Third gate opened in Colon Free Zone

The Colon Free Zone administration has opened a third access gate to the Colon Corredor, located on Calle 17 A San Eladio, for entry and exit of personnel and rolling stock.

Surse Pierpoint, General Manager of the Colon Free Zone, said the new entrance enables the development of new commercial premises in the area of 17A street.

The Director of Security, Luciano Franco, said that it will have security and Customs officers to ensure order [...]

CFZ management holds course on complaints

The Colon Free Zone (CFZ) management, headed by Surse Pierpoint working in conjunction with the Coordinating Committee for a Continuous Improvement Process, held the workshop “Handling Customer Complaints for Free Zone Users” with the aim of improving the processing and correction of complaints made by visitors to the area.

The main speaker was Liznette Ceballos, Bureau Chief of Quality Management, who explained how to comply with the form, “Application of Opportunity for Improvement,” a protocol [...]

Colón Free Zone manager takes part in “C3 Opina” forum

Gerente de la Zona Libre de Colon, Surse Pierpoint

The Colón chapter of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects held the first “C3 Review Forum” to present the government with a plan to develop activities in the province under the government Mega project, “Urban Renewal-Human Integration.”

Engineer Flor Moreno, Director of the Colón Chapter, stated that the purpose of the forum is to call attention to the needs of the Colón community by creating a plan in line with its needs that will [...]

Japanese diplomats visit Colón Free Zone

De Izq. a Der.: Dr. Rubén D. Barnett T., economista; Omori Sonomi y Junichi Wada de la Embajada del Japón en Panamá y Surse Pierpoint, Gerente General de la Zona Libre de Colón

The Marketing Department of the Free Zone welcomed Dr. Rubén D. Barnett T., Omori Sonomi and Junichi Wada of the Japanese Embassy in Panama.

This delegation visited the Free Zone to view all commercial export and import activities, advantages, geographical position within the province and connection between ports of the countries of the region.

These representatives of the Embassy of Japan were received by the Manager of the Colón Free Zone, Surse Pierpoint, who said [...]

Colon Free Zone receives visit of Brazilian deputies

A Parliamentary Delegation from Brazil visited the Colón Free Zone to view the commercial import and export activities.

The Marketing Director of the zone, Denis Koo, explained to the delegation members the benefits, advantages, and logistics connections offered by the Colón Free Zone for investors who decide to open a business in this Panamanian commercial sector.

This delegation, comprising five Brazilian deputies, showed interest in the broad impact that the Free Zone has, and noted [...]

Colon Free Zone manager presents 2015 budget

The Colon Free Zone appeared before the Budget Committee of the National Assembly to support the 2015 budget, which will be invested in projects for the benefit of the businesses and progress of the province of Colon and the country.

The manager of the Colon Free Zone, Surse Pierpoint, presented before this committee a requested budget for $119.3 million, representing an operating budget of 53% ($63.6 million) and investments of 47% ($55.7 million).

This budget [...]

Brazilian delegation visits Colon Free Zone

La delegación de Brasil

A delegation comprised of 12 businessmen from Brazil, who represented a traders’ association of 100 companies, made a tour of the zone.

The executives are interested in making multimillion dollar investments in the Free Zone, Brazil is an alternative that allows the opening of new international markets, and these businessmen are making constant visits to establish relationships with traders in the Free Zone.

The new administration of Surse Pierpoint has undertaken business meetings with South [...]