Colon Free Zone

Colon Free Zone manager presents 2015 budget

The Colon Free Zone appeared before the Budget Committee of the National Assembly to support the 2015 budget, which will be invested in projects for the benefit of the businesses and progress of the province of Colon and the country.

The manager of the Colon Free Zone, Surse Pierpoint, presented before this committee a requested budget for $119.3 million, representing an operating budget of 53% ($63.6 million) and investments of 47% ($55.7 million).

This budget [...]

Brazilian delegation visits Colon Free Zone

La delegación de Brasil

A delegation comprised of 12 businessmen from Brazil, who represented a traders’ association of 100 companies, made a tour of the zone.

The executives are interested in making multimillion dollar investments in the Free Zone, Brazil is an alternative that allows the opening of new international markets, and these businessmen are making constant visits to establish relationships with traders in the Free Zone.

The new administration of Surse Pierpoint has undertaken business meetings with South [...]

Colon free zone working for the community

A large amount of sediment was found lodged in the sewage line, obstructing the operation of the pumps on Santa Isabel Avenue and 16th Street in the Colon Free Zone.

The Free Zone Maintenance Department officials gave support to the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers by checking the damage, and then proceeded to the line that kept accumulating sewage, causing malfunctions in the pumping station.

All the work in the community done by the Free [...]

Panama hosts most representative Free Zones event of region

XVIII Conference of Free Zones of the Americas

The XVIII Conference of Free Zones of the Americas will be held in Panama attracting more than 300 visitors from countries in the region on November 12, 13 and 14, 2014 at the Megapolis Convention Center of the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City.

The conference’s main objective is to promote trade as well as economic and cultural relations between the various free zones, as well as offering a continuous learning process to ensure [...]

Paraguayan mission visits Colón Free Zone

La delegación paraguaya con funcionarios de la Zona Libre de Colon

Representatives of the Municipality of Asuncion, Paraguay, visited the Colón Free Zone to see how the logistics operate in the zone.

This delegation was comprised of Dr. Emilio Baez Maldonado, International Director for the Municipality and Dr. Edgardo Samaniego, a lawyer and director of Paraguayan Customs companies, who are conducting preliminary studies for the establishment of a free port in Asuncion and wanted to learn about the functioning of the Colón Free Zone.

The commission [...]

Jewel of Colon regains its beauty

“Christ Church by the Sea,” es un icono de Colón

“Christ Church by the Sea”

With the financial support of the Colon Free Zone Administration, one of the few buildings of great architectural interest remaining that represents the beginning of Colón province was totally restored.

It is known as Christ Church by the Sea, the construction of which began in 1863 and ended in 1864.

This church was built of national stones by the architect, James Renwick, and is representative of the neo-Gothic trend in [...]

Maritime link forges trade between Panama and China

China es el más importante proveedor de mercancías de la Zona Libre

China has become the second largest customer of the Panama Canal, opening the gateway to the Asian market for Panamanian products.

Trade between China and Panama is 99% in favor of Chinese sales in the Panamanian market, while Panama’s exports total about $40 million, said Wang Jian, deputy representative of the Office of Business Development of China in Panama, speaking to

Panama has no diplomatic relations with China and remains a strategic partner of [...]