Colon Free Zone

APAC at Expocarga Mexico 2016

El stand de Panamá en la feria.

The Panamanian Association of Cargo Agents (APAC) participated in Expocarga Mexico 2016 in the pavilion “PANAMA MORE THAN A CANAL”, together with the support of the Colon Free Zone. It was an excellent start to celebrate the opening of the expanded Canal.

The “Cargo Week Americas-Expo 2016” event was held on June 28 at Centro Banamex in Mexico City, where the APAC was involved.

The Cargo Mexico Expo is held every year to raise awareness […]

Colon Free Zone continues in the red

Zona Libre de Colón sigue en crisis

Commercial movement in the Colon Free Zone (CFZ) fell 29.2 percent in January and February compared to the same period of 2015, according to figures from the Comptroller’s Office.

While re-exports stood at $1,287 million and imports at $1,244 million, they are below last year’s figures for the first two months, which were $1,809 million and $1,769 million, respectively.

The downward trend, according to the manager of the ZLC, Surse Pierpoint, continued in March, “but […]

Colón Free Port – Great expectations

Colón Puerto Libre

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The National Assembly approved in third debate Bill No 222, that modifies articles of Law 29 of 1992 that adopts a Special Free Port System for Colón City. The new legislation will create a shopping area in the 16 streets of the city that will attract tourism, increase commercial activity and, at the same time, benefit the people of Colón province that have been neglected for many years.

Colón province has […]

Venezuela, Colombia drag down Free Zone

La Zona Libre de Colón

Panama’s Colon Free Zone — the biggest in Latin America — is in crisis.

In large part, it is because of economic woes sapping major export customers in Venezuela and Colombia, said Commerce Minister Augusto Arosemena.

“The patient (the Colón Free Trade Zone) is in a coma because re-exports have gone down and some companies have closed,” he told reporters.

“Colombia and Venezuela were the main markets for the free trade zone, and a big […]

Bestseller new client for Logisfashion in Panama


The Danish distribution group, Bestseller, has given its fashion logistics operations needs to Logisfashion for its activities in Latin America, where it began activities a few months ago.

Through Logisfashion facilities in Panama, the operator will manage the logistics of Bestseller. Logisfashion will be responsible for both receiving goods from Bestseller at its storage facilities in the Colon Free Zone and, once allocated to final market sales, adapt them to the Customs requirements (labeling required) […]

APEDE calls for free zone equality

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) Issued the following statement in solidarity with Colon Free Zone businessmen recommending that all free zones in Panama operate on a level playing field.

However, President Juan Carlos Varela continues to claim that this would not solve the problem of the Colon Free Zone, which has lost its competitiveness.

“The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) joins the concern of several sectors of the country due to the […]

Businessmen praised for support of network

Reconocimiento a los empresarios por el apoyo

As one of the basic tools for improving the quality of life of people, the Administration of the Colón Free Zone participates in the visits made in various communities nationwide where the Citizen Cabinet is being held, organized by the Social Secretary of the Ministry of the Presidency.

“The Administration of the Colón Free Zone is grateful to companies for the support, for helping to give social assistance to communities where citizens’ Cabinets are made […]