Shipping giants form alliance

Uno de los barcos de CMA CGM.

CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line y Orient Overseas Container Line announced the implementation of what will become the biggest shipping alliance in the world, Ocean Alliance.

The four partners will share their capacity in several routes in order to offer a better service to their customers. Together, the associated shipping companies will operate 40 services on the East-West routes with about 100 ports of call and almost 500 interconnected ports, supported by a […]

Prompt cargo handling

The attribute that defines the best logistics transport is readiness. The company, Fast Services, has this attribute, characterized by providing good customer service. In handling cargo. It offers the best service and promptness in each of its deliveries.

Transportation is part of that flow and, therefore, we must pay attention to it. Poor management in the transport of temperature controlled cargo has a negative impact on product quality.

Fast Services offers the following services: maritime […]

Taking care of cargo

Almacenaje para contenedores.

Panama Central Terminal Inc. is a cargo custody center with capacity for indoor storage and patio storage areas for containers, cars, etc. It now has new facilities located in the area of Juan Diaz with proximity to both the Northern and Southern Corridors to give customers better service.

The new location will benefit international and local companies, ports and shipping lines, for the type of In-Bond warehouses that PCT has in this area.

PCT provides […]

Global logistics solutions

Translog Global Solutions, Inc.

Founded in Panama in 2015, Translog Global Solutions, Inc. is a logistics company: young, energetic and responsive to the needs of its customers.

Its main goal is customer satisfaction, directing their efforts to successfully meet the diverse needs of their clients through a policy of flexible professionalism.

The company has experience in handling special products such as temperature-sensitive goods, bulk cargo transported by charter ship, goods that need to be controlled and insured to avoid […]

Laparkan a complete logistics network service

Laparkan Panama S.A., began operations in 2007 in the Colon Free Zone as part of the Laparkan Trading Services Ltd Group of Companies, which was established in 1983 and is involved in transport logistics, port operations, retail sales, courier and travel services, among other activities.

The Laparkan network offers a full range of services aimed at markets in Asia, America, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America with services including sales, customer service, cargo handling, Customs […]

SEMINSA offers fire equipment services

SEMINSA, ofrece servicios contra incendios

“SEMINSA” (Servicios Maritimos e Inspecciones, S.A.) is a company that provides fire safety services to the maritime industry. Its mission is to provide best services and encourage the maintenance and safety of all fire-fighting equipment on board ships, ensuring optimum performance in order to safeguard human life and meet established standards.

SEMINSA offers industry inspections, maintenance, repairs and fire equipment supplies, breathing, rescue and security equipment. The company makes visual inspections if cylinders, fire extinguishers, […]

Free Zone Users await sanction of retaliation law

Usha Mayani, President of the Colon Free Zone Users’ Association, indicates that they are watching the enactment of the Act of retaliatory measures, that was approved on third reading by the National Assembly. Mayani noted that Bill 370, subrogating Law 58 of 2002, establishes retaliatory measures in case of discriminatory restrictions against the Republic of Panama, as is happening right now with Colombia.

The measures imposed by Colombia have greatly affected the operations of the […]