Panama has logistics lead but also suffers in Central America

On November 5 and 6, logistics industry experts gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica, to discuss issues such as the impact of the deterioration of infrastructure on the economies of Central America.

The event was organized by the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (LACCSD) focusing their analysis on the status of ports, airports, roads and border crossings and their impact on the economies of the region.

Víctor Umaña, deputy director of LACCSD, [...]

Panama’s fish exports grow

Sales of shrimp, shrimp larvae, fish meal and fish oil showed the largest growth of total exports from Panama in the first half of 2014.

Between January and June exports of fish and aquaculture industry products were those that showed the best performance, well above traditional exports such as watermelon and pineapple, whose foreign sales decreased by 4% and 24% respectively, compared with the same period of 2013.

Shrimp and shrimp larvae exports increased by [...]

Global maritime trade to grow in 2014 and 2015

Las economías alrededor del mundo están mejorando y esto afectará positivamente el comercio marítimo

The outlook for global trade and production in 2014 and 2015 is better, but the status of the major economies remains fragile, including some of the most dynamic developing countries which, until recently, held up global demand,” said the World Trade Organization (WTO) in its latest report on international trade.

According to this report, highlighted by the Spanish Association of Ship Owners, “The U.S. economy appears to be gaining momentum and the European Union seems [...]

Ninth World Economic Forum on Latin America in Panama

Noveno Foro Económico Mundial para Latinoamérica en Panamá

The World Economic Forum on Latin America was held in Panama City from April 1 to 3, 2014.

More than 600 participants from the region and the world participated in the event.

The theme of the meeting was “Opening Pathways for Shared Progress”

The Forum brought together more than 600 leaders from government, industry, civil society and academia from over 50 countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the region.

With the support of [...]

600 exhibitors at Expocomer

Expocomer, the most important trade fair of Panama and the region, returns to the Atlapa Convention Center from Wednesday, March 26 through Saturday, March 29. It is expected that more than 600 manufacturers from over 35 countries will take part.

The fair is the ideal place for companies to showcase their products and services to local and regional markets, introduce new products to market, evaluate competitors and use the Colon Free Zone as a bridge [...]

Colón Free Zone attentive to the Venezuelan crisis

The current conflict facing Venezuela worries the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), as this may delay the collection of debts that are still pending.

Walter Brunetti, a financial analyst, said: “The recent events in the country and the complicit silence of many trading partners, creates the fear, not only of fracturing existing businesses and those in the future, but also conveys the feeling of fear for natural uncollectibles that are already pending.

Margarita warns of crisis from break with Panama

Los almacenes tienen problemas en para comprar mercancía

Not only are Colon Free Zone businessmen hurting from unpaid debts and loss of market in Venezuela, but Isla Margarita traders made an “emergency declaration” over the prolonged lack of foreign exchange for the free port and the devastating effect that breaking Venezuela’s diplomatic and commercial relations with Panama will have on the economy.

Teodoro Bellorín, president of the Isla Margarita Chamber of Commerce, warned that “the suspension of political and trade relations with the [...]