Channeling A Bold Trump Infrastructure Plan

Puerto de Luisiana del Sur.

By Paul Aucoin and Sean Duffy

Of the ten states that border the main stem of the Mississippi River, Donald Trump won eight. Of the 31 states that use the river and its tributaries to export goods across the globe, Trump carried all but a handful. His appeal to many of those voters was his promise to restore economic vitality to the American heartland.

The media has generally portrayed the revitalization of Middle America as […]

Foreign trade grows in China during January

Despite the good results in the first month of the year, the opinions are measured from the Chinese government. Wang Dongtang, deputy director general of the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department, told Xinhua that “uncertain and unstable factors are increasing. The difficulties facing China’s foreign trade are not short term.”

For Wang, the increase in commercial protectionism (mainly from the United States), weak foreign demand and domestic production higher costs are potential constraints to […]

Expectations are favorable for 2017

FMI proyecta la recuperación del crecimiento económico y comercial en el 2017.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects a recovery of economic growth and trade in 2017 in developing countries and emerging economies, while in the United States it will reach “some momentum”.

In the medium term it sees a strengthening of emerging and developing countries, but little change in developed countries due to weak productivity growth.

Positive outlooks will be subject to three factors: 1) The gradual normalization of conditions in countries whose economies are under […]

Free Zone Users await sanction of retaliation law

Usha Mayani, President of the Colon Free Zone Users’ Association, indicates that they are watching the enactment of the Act of retaliatory measures, that was approved on third reading by the National Assembly. Mayani noted that Bill 370, subrogating Law 58 of 2002, establishes retaliatory measures in case of discriminatory restrictions against the Republic of Panama, as is happening right now with Colombia.

The measures imposed by Colombia have greatly affected the operations of the […]

Colon Free Port needs support

Colon Free Port is viewed very positively by the President of the Colon Free Zone Users’ Association, Usha Mayani who adds that the government should establish the conditions for success and walk hand in hand with the private sector to provide security and infrastructure for users, visitors and residents of the province.

“It is important that the mistakes are not repeated that were made with the Colon Free Zone, that today struggles to address them, […]

Fitch rates Panama Canal with an “A”

The Fitch rating agency confirmed an “A” rating for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reflecting a solid revenue profile and low leverage.

Fitch Ratings notes that the Panama Canal provides a unique connectivity and time savings for world maritime trade.

The rating agency believes that the rating outlook is stable, given the strength of the Panama Canal in the economic recession and its strong competitive position, supported by income resulting from the opening of the […]

Program launched to certify export traders

Piña es exportada a Europa.

A program to certify the private sector dedicated to foreign trade and subject to Customs regulations, can benefit from a program launched by the Panamanian government through the National Customs Authority (ANA).

It is the tool known as “Authorized Economic Operator” (OEA) which, according to Jose Gomez, director of the ANA, is aimed at companies that implement preventive safety to protect their logistics chain.

According to Gomez, who explained the benefits of the OAS during […]