Editorial: Regrettable incident at the Colón railway

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC)

An incident occurred in Colon on January 16, 2017, typical of a fourth-world country, which should never be repeated: The Municipal Council of Colón, headed by Mayor Federico Policani, decided to sit on the Panama-Colon railroad tracks at the Colon station to protest against the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) administration because this company “does not contribute municipal taxes, nor does it support it in its social works.”

The transisthmian railroad provides a vital service […]

A letter from Varela to Obama

Carta que Varela debería enviar a Obama

We are publishing this opinion article written by our General Manager, Theodore James and that appeared in La Estrella de Panamá, on June 7, 2016.

Dear Barak,

Sorry we couldn’t get together on my latest trip to Washington. They told me you were out of town. Trust that was true and that you were not avoiding me because of “The Panama Papers.”

That’s what I want to talk to you about. Why didn’t you give […]

Farewell to Alberto “Pancho” Motta

Don Alberto “Pancho” Motta

Well-known businessman and one of duty-free travel marketing’s great leaders, Alberto “Pancho” Motta, a Director of Motta Internacional and President of the International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores passed away suddenly.

Mr Motta was a respected figure in both the duty-free travel industry and the wider Panamanian business community. Friends and colleagues in the industry have expressed their sadness and shock over his passing.

The Bulletin joins the whole shipping and logistics industry in […]

Focus Publications Group bids farewell to its director

Kenneth “Ken” J. Jones

On Tuesday, August 11 at 11 a.m., family members, employees and friends of Kenneth “Ken” J. Jones, founder of Focus Publications Group, gathered to pay their last respects. The 82 year old journalist and publisher died on July 31 at his home in Caimito, Capira.

He began The Visitor 21 years ago, developing it into an essential read for Panamanians, residents and tourists. The tourism newspaper today enjoys nationwide distribution with 15,000 copies printed […]

Journalist and publisher Ken Jones dies suddenly

Kenneth J. (Ken) Jones

Journalist, publisher and editor, Kenneth J. (Ken) Jones, died suddenly at his home in Caimito, Capira, on Friday, July 31 at the age of 82.

Ken began his career as a journalist in his country of origin, England. As a young man he traveled to Canada, and from there made his way through the United States and Central America to Panama, where, in the late 1950s, he worked on the English-language editions of “The Panama […]

He who hesitates…is lost!


Studies are made and “international experts” called upon for opinions when there is a doubt or lack of knowledge about a particular topic.

It is quite understandable that a country such as Nicaragua would do so because it has never had such things as a canal, international transshipment ports or free zones.

On the other hand, Panama has a vast bank of know-how among the huge number of executives and skilled workers already involved […]

Let’s stop talking and build a logistics hub

El puerto de Balboa

Editorial comment

The Government has announced the creation of an “inter-institutional logistics cabinet” to develop a “Master Plan.” Instead of more paper plans, the Government needs to tackle obstacles and facilitate the private sector to get on with the job so that the logistics sector will evolve in response to the realities of the industry.

First came the wheel, then sail, steam locomotion and, finally, the wing. These combinations led to what is now known […]