Environmental NGOs call upon the EU to effectively regulate shipborne pollution

Los barcos contaminan el ambiente.

From dangerous emissions in ports to hazardous scrapping on South Asian beaches, European shipping companies pollute and put people’s health and lives at serious risk. In light of the ongoing European Shipping Week and the failure of the International Maritime Organization to find solutions, environmental experts are ringing the alarm bell and calling upon European policy makers to urgently adopt policies that effectively target the environmental performance of shipping.

“Every year approximately 50,000 people in […]

Protecting Alajuela Lake

Lago Alajuela.

Mining is often considered harmful for the environment but the Mexican multinational CEMEX, dedicated to manufacture building materials, has shown that this is not always the case.

The company was given a concession of 559 hectares to extract limestone in Chilibre, to the east of Panama City, next to the Alajuela Lake, the reservoir of the Panama Canal and the source of water for the Chilibre plant that supplies this vital liquid.

The four mining […]

Evergreen wins ship environmental award

The Evergreen shipping line won the Lloyds award for the friendliest environmental shipping company for 2013 in an international recognition of the research and analysis of the maritime industry.

The Taiwanese company has ships with features such as double hulls, confined areas for fuel tanks to reduce the risk of leaks, water treatment plants to reduce the transfer of marine organisms and energy systems that help decrease emissions in ports.

The “Ever Superb” is the […]

IBIA welcomes early IMO study on 0.50% sulphur fuel

Búnker sin azufre

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) supports the UK government’s call for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to bring forward its review of the availability of 0.50% sulphur fuel.

As more and more locations declare ECA requirements, the latest being Hong Kong, the greater the demand for low sulphur fuel.

The shipping industry needs some definitive dates to plan implementations on board; the same information is required for the refining industry and the bunker sector.


Sooner or later natural gas terminals come to Panama

A network of natural gas bunkering stations in the world has not yet been developed. However, because of ecological requirements in some parts of the world, the picture will soon change.

Recently the European Union made a proposal, accepted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), adding to MARPOL Annex 6, a requirement in certain parts of the world that by 2015 there will be a drastic reduction in sulfur emissions. That will change the type […]

Longline fishing ban dooms sector to extinction

A longline fishing boat, which consists of a rig with floats which is holds a plastic thread at the ends with hanging hooks.

A crisis has broken out in the fishing sector say businessmen, due to a decree that bans long line fishing that was led by the Minister of the Presidency, Demetrio Jimmy Papadimitriu.

It all began on December 29, 2010, when President Ricardo Martinelli, backed Papadimitriu and gave orders to prohibit logline fishing vessels over six tons in weight (Decree 486). Since then there has been a constant number of companies closing down.

Impacted and closing […]

Alhajuela Project designed to protect Panama Canal basin

By: Juan Rafael Cortez Dean

A project carried out on Lake Alajuela (Madden Lake) by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was not only to fight poverty, but to prevent illegal logging and deforestation in the Panama Canal basin.

JICA said that Panama “graduated” in the Alhajuela Project that now serves as a model for other countries of the region.

The Alhajuela Lake community project was coordinated with the National Environmental Authority (ANAM).

Takao Omote, […]