Brazilian delegation visits Colon Free Zone

La delegación de Brasil

A delegation comprised of 12 businessmen from Brazil, who represented a traders’ association of 100 companies, made a tour of the zone.

The executives are interested in making multimillion dollar investments in the Free Zone, Brazil is an alternative that allows the opening of new international markets, and these businessmen are making constant visits to establish relationships with traders in the Free Zone.

The new administration of Surse Pierpoint has undertaken business meetings with South [...]

Panama bunkering procedure main topic at Bunkering 2014 Forum

By Nicolas Vukelja Duque

The Panama Chamber of Shipping Bunkering Commission started meetings this year with the different players involved in the bunkering services in Panama, with the initiative of developing the Panama Bunkering Procedure, the first Bunkering Procedure in Central America and South America.

The Panama Bunkering Procedure is a project of the Bunkering Commission, with the goal of standardizing the bunkering service in Panama involving all mayor players, such as agencies, lines, terminals, [...]

Bunkering Panama 2014, towards better competitiveness

Panama Maritime Authority logo

Vukelja: “An important added value for the maritime and logistics industry.”

In announcing the 5th Panama Bunkering Forum 2014, to be held next month, the president of the Organizing Committee, Nicholas Vukelja Duque said the event focuses on improving the country’s competitiveness in this activity. He said this event “constitutes an important added value to the maritime and logistics sector in Panama.”

Like previous versions, the 5th Panama Bunkering Forum is organized by the Bunkering [...]

Update on hazardous merchandise management forum in Panama

Un buque gasero de Dukhan

At the Hazardous Cargo Forum held on September 10, 2014, it was concluded that Panama should be at the highest level in training and updating of the issues related to the transport of dangerous goods in all their forms.

The Forum brought together the public and private sectors, academia and business related groups to discuss tasks such as the transport of dangerous goods by air, sea and road.

Being a strategic transport point, Panama’s handling [...]

Panama hosts most representative Free Zones event of region

XVIII Conference of Free Zones of the Americas

The XVIII Conference of Free Zones of the Americas will be held in Panama attracting more than 300 visitors from countries in the region on November 12, 13 and 14, 2014 at the Megapolis Convention Center of the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City.

The conference’s main objective is to promote trade as well as economic and cultural relations between the various free zones, as well as offering a continuous learning process to ensure [...]

Canal marks 35 years since entry into force of Torrijos-Carter treaties

On October 1 the Panama Canal commemorated the 35th anniversary of the entry into force of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties, which heralded the disappearance of the civil government of the Canal Zone.

As of October 1, 1979, the dismantling began of the foreign military presence in the country and the progressive involvement of Panamanians in the operation and administration of the Canal.

During the following 20 years there was a transfer and transition process that ended [...]

Time capsule, novel initiative of the Chamber of Shipping

La capsúla del tiempo será enterrada en las esclusas de Gatún

In a new initiative that will create interest 25 years from now, the Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP) with the consent and support of the Panama Canal Authority, will bury a time capsule in the Gatun Locks, as a commemorative activity for the Centenary of the opening of the Canal to world maritime trade.

The capsule, containing a collection of information and articles on the Centenary of the Canal and related activities, will be buried [...]