Suez Canal expansion fails to meet expectations

Canal de Suez.

A year after the inauguration of the new section of the Suez Canal, the economic miracle promised by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, has not been met.

Data on traffic through this waterway questions the profitability of the Pharaonic project.

The authorities said a year ago that the revenue generated by the canal would increase from $5,300 million in 2014 to more than $13,000 million in 2023, but expectations have not been met for the […]

Panama and Peru look at Pacific tourist route

During a recent visit to Peru, Panama’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Augusto Arosemena, promoted a broad portfolio of projects of interest to Peru.

He made his presentation at the “Panama Invest 2016 Peru,” highlighting the potential and advantages of Panama’s economy, maritime logistics “hub” and tourism projects.

Describing his encounter with Peru’s Minister of Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferryros; Minister Arosemena said: “It was a meeting in which we sought to establish a roadmap, […]

A cruise port in Amador

Propuesta del terminal de cruceros en Amador.

By year’s end the tender should be published for a $30 million cruise ship port to be built on an area of 30 hectares of Perico Island on the Amador Causeway.

In addition to the construction of the port, the bid specifications include the design and construction of commercial spaces to provide services to the operation of the terminal, in an area of 11 hectares. The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) estimates the total investment at […]

“Profound changes” to be logistics center

“Cambios profundos” para ser centro logístico

For Panama to succeed in establishing a competitive Logistics Hub of first world level and take advantage of the expanded Canal, it must first set clear rules in the logistics sector and adapt the Constitution of the Republic, improve roads, water service and electricity, infrastructure and the education system.

International and local experts concurred that the present system does not respond to the needs required for the long-term.

These opinions came forth in the “Panama […]

Panama Canal expansion unleashes port battles

Un barco neo-panamax.

Ports from the US to Cuba are investing huge sums of money to compete for the mega-ships that began to cross the expanded Panama Canal on June 26.

The original set of locks has provided service to the world in a very efficient manner for over 100 years.

The question now is how long will the new locks last and how successful will they be?

They were inaugurated on June 26 at a cost that […]

Expansion gives impetus to Corozal

Puerto de Corozal.

By Franklin Castrellón

The start of operations of the expanded Canal seems to have given the required impetus to the realization of the port of Corozal, the construction of which has been called for years by the maritime community under the leadership of the Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP).

Last week, the newly installed president of the CMP, Rommel Troetsch, added his voice categorically to those of his predecessors, Juan Carlos Croston and Willys Delvalle, […]

Multimodal system consolidation stimulates industrial real estate

En Panamá aun hace falta infraestructura industrial adecuada.

Panama wants to become one of the most important cargo logistics centers for transportation and storage worldwide. Currently private ports interact on both oceans interconnected by an inter-oceanic railway, roads and international airports seeking to have the ability to offer all kinds of services that add value to the industry of transport and storage of goods.

Establishing itself as a major multimodal logistics center is one of the main goals of the country in order […]