“Food Hub” option for the Panamanian producer

Un hub alimentario ayudaría al sector agropecuario.

An initiative has been put forward that aims to turn Panama into a re-export window of both perishable and non-perishable food. It takes as its starting point using the isthmus to supply large consumer markets.

Agricultural transformation expert, Didio Batista, said that this initiative would increase the importance of the food production sector in the country.

“The logistics center of this kind in Panama would be to import food from different countries for processing or […]

Canal expansion creates new areas for logistics

Unas 1,200 hectáreas fueron recuperada en Cocolí que ahora pueden ser usadas para desarrollo logístico.

Cleaning up of the weapons ranges west of the new Cocolí locks has formed a vast area for logistics development.

The Panama Canal expansion came along with a jackpot, when reordering the surrounding land of the mega-project, with dredged material and a cleanup of some areas formerly used by the US Army as shooting ranges, up to 1,200 hectares were recovered that can now be used for logistics development.

“Today we have 1,200 hectares recovered […]

Concession process advances on Port of Corozal

Terreno donde se construirá el Puerto de Corozal.

By Franklin Castrellón

The process for granting the concession for “design, construction, development and operation” of the port of Corozal on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal will reach a key milestone on April 11, 2016.

On that date the period will expire for interested companies to submit their documents for the implementation of the project, said the Vice President of Planning and Business Development of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Oscar Bazan.

The […]

Panama needs more ports

El Canal de Panamá ampliado.

Not only should the port of Corozal be carried ahead immediately, but more ports and infrastructure are needed to exploit the Canal expansion.

This is the opinion of businessmen in the logistics sector, who are unanimous: the opening of the new and expanded Panama Canal locks should be the starting point of the consolidation of Panama as a major logistics hub for the hemisphere.

They note that already there is a lack of dock space […]

Colón Free Port – Great expectations

Colón Puerto Libre

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The National Assembly approved in third debate Bill No 222, that modifies articles of Law 29 of 1992 that adopts a Special Free Port System for Colón City. The new legislation will create a shopping area in the 16 streets of the city that will attract tourism, increase commercial activity and, at the same time, benefit the people of Colón province that have been neglected for many years.

Colón province has […]

AMP gives order to proceed on Isla Colon

Isla Colón.

“We are delivering the order to proceed on the construction and design of new offices of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and a new berth for the amount of $559,900 for the use of ferries, fishermen, residents and all users to have decent and secure infrastructure,” said the Administrator of the AMP,” Jorge Barakat Pitty.

“What we know is that it positively contributes to tourism in this beautiful place, Isla Colon of Bocas del Toro […]

Technical Assistance awarded on fourth bridge over Canal

Cuarto puente sobre el Canal.

The best value tender for Technical Assistance for management of the fourth bridge over the Canal project was awarded to the company T.Y.LIN International Panama, SA, for $17,797,040.00.

This company obtained the highest score according to the analysis and relevant studies conducted by the evaluation commission.

T.Y. LIN International will be responsible for carrying out qualified and specialized technical assistance to ensure proper implementation of the objectives of this work in terms of design, construction […]