Tourism: the future of Colón

De izquierda a derecha: H.D Miguel Salas, Diputado en la Asamblea Nacional de Panamá; Licda. Lizbeth de Ramsey, Directora Ejecutiva de APEDE; Licda. Nadgee Bonilla, Directora de Inversión Turística de ATP; Sra. Dagmar de Álvarez, Presidenta de APEDE; S.E. Mario Etchelecu, Ministro de Vivienda; Sra. Carmen Pinky Van Der Hans, Secretaria de FOTUR y Sr. Moisés Véliz, Presidente de APOTUR

On Friday, July 17, the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) hosted the Tourism Forum (FOTUR) in Colón to discuss strategies to drive economic development of the city and province.

Under the banner, “Tourism: engine for the transformation and development of the province of Colon”, the event enjoyed participation of well-known public and private figures, who discussed how the travel industry can drive needed economic development for Panama’s Caribbean coast.

Varela’s Urban Renewal Plan for [...]

The future of the Enrique E. Jiménez International Airport

Joseph Fidanque III

To boost tourism to Colón, Joseph Fidanque III, General Manager of Tocumen International Airport, announced plans at the recently held FOTUR forum for the reactivation of the Enrique E. Jiménez Airport.

Fidanque noted that the Jiménez airport does not yet have the expected activity despite an investment of $60 million made by the previous administration. Investors are now looking to repurpose the use of the facilities by creating an international training center for the Aeronautics [...]

Panama moves to attract the cruise ship market

La Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá (ATP) espera recibir más de 100 cruceros en la actual temporada de cruceros

Reviving the Colón Free Port Law

The plan to turn the city of Colón into a free port, which emerged 23 years ago, will finally become a reality. A key component of the initiative launched by the administration of President Varela, the plan to extend the free trade zone to include 16 blocks of Colón city, is a strategic move to attract the cruise ship market, whose travelers can benefit from duty-free shopping.

This plan [...]

Companies from U.S., Europe and China interested in port of Aguadulce

Guimara Tuñón Guerra

By Franklin Castrellón

Port operators from the United States, Europe and China have expressed interest in the project of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to develop a multipurpose terminal in the area where once operated the Port of Aguadulce, Guimara Tuñón Guerra, deputy director of Ports of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), told The Bulletin.

The tender for “best value” for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a multipurpose terminal in that area was [...]

AMP opens to U.S. investment proposals

After several years of not participating in public investment projects in Panama, U.S. companies could return with proposals on state procurement in the maritime sector.

The first step in attracting U.S. investment was taken with a meeting between representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Panama and the directors of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

The AMP team was led by Jorge Barakat, AMP administrator; James Perez, Economic Affairs Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Panama [...]

Investing in the future of Colón

Un crucero pasando por Colón hacia el Canal. El plan a largo plazo de Varela pretende capturar este mercado a beneficio de la ciudad

Panama sets sights on establishing its Caribbean port as a stop for major cruise lines

Business leaders, government officials and tourism industry representatives met recently in Colón to discuss strategies to create an economic windfall to benefit both the city and the province. The Varela administration has major plans for infrastructural improvements, yet recognizes the need to involve the populace in its future. The Bulletin looks at this ambitious and multifaceted project which aims to [...]

Russia will open alternative route across the Arctic

Porque Rusia es el único país del mundo que cuenta con una flota de rompehielos atómicos, disfrutará de un monopolio en la ruta

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a development plan for a new route across the Arctic.

“We have approved (June 8) the development project of the Northern Sea Route. As is well known, this is the shortest route between Europe and the Far East, the Asia-Pacific region and the west coast of the US,” he announced to the press.

Medvedev acknowledged that the Arctic route is underused and that the annual volume of freight is [...]