Colon free zone working for the community

A large amount of sediment was found lodged in the sewage line, obstructing the operation of the pumps on Santa Isabel Avenue and 16th Street in the Colon Free Zone.

The Free Zone Maintenance Department officials gave support to the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers by checking the damage, and then proceeded to the line that kept accumulating sewage, causing malfunctions in the pumping station.

All the work in the community done by the Free [...]

Tolls discount for Panama West Metro Line?

Metro de Panamá

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

In recent developments, Japan announced it was prepared to finance and build Panama’s Metro Line 3, a 21 kilometers stretch that will connect Albrook Terminal to La Chorrera, crossing a fourth bridge over the Canal. It will have 14 stations, cost almost $2,000 million and run parallel to the Interamerican Highway. However, residents of Panama west will have to wait at least five years for it to become a reality.

Japan [...]

Japan and Panama one step closer on financing Line 3 of the Metro and new Canal bridge

Officials of Panama and Japan are coordinating the steps to take to arrange financing, of the Metro Line 3 out to the west of Panama City which includes a new bridge over the Canal, although no construction date has been set.

The third line of the Panama Metro might be funded by the Japanese government over a 40 year span with a ten year grace period.

Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela, held a bilateral meeting [...]

Update on hazardous merchandise management forum in Panama

Un buque gasero de Dukhan

At the Hazardous Cargo Forum held on September 10, 2014, it was concluded that Panama should be at the highest level in training and updating of the issues related to the transport of dangerous goods in all their forms.

The Forum brought together the public and private sectors, academia and business related groups to discuss tasks such as the transport of dangerous goods by air, sea and road.

Being a strategic transport point, Panama’s handling [...]

Labor issues arise in CSAV – Hapag Lloyd merger

Problemática laboral de la fusión de CSAV y Hapag Lloyd

The Chilean shipping line Compañía Sudamericana de Vapores (CSAV), founded in 1872, is facing a critical time in its history as it is on the verge of merging with German container line Hapag Lloyd to become the fourth largest player in the industry.

With this strategic partner, the firm aims to better address an activity that in recent years has been complex due to, among other factors, the low tariff rates, causing significant losses in [...]

Panama Canal Authority explores clean energy sources

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP), which already uses hydroelectric plants and thermal energy to power the operations of the waterway, is studying other sources of electricity such as wind and solar power.

“A study was made using historical satellite and climatological information of the wind potential of a site in Mendoza in La Chorrera (western Panama),” according to the annual budget report of the last fiscal year.

The energy potential identified so far in Mendoza [...]