Maritime cargo weighing enters into force in July

Normas de carga marítima entrarán en vigor en julio

Weighing legislation on maritime container cargo adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enter into force on July 1 and most countries are already working to adapt to the new rules.

Recent studies conducted in the field on cargo shipping have shown that most accidents involving container ships are related to excess weight, so the IMO has decided to curb the problem by establishing tighter controls.

The cargo shippers will be responsible for verifying […]

Widening planned for Omar Torrijos Road

La visita es parte fundamental de las normas para conocer sobre el terreno donde se determinará el Diseño y Construcción de la Rehabilitación y Ensanche de la carretera Omar Torrijos (Corozal- Red Tank- vía Centenario).

To provide rapid access to the Centennial Bridge, about 19 construction companies took a tour with a team of technicians and engineers from the Contract Administration Department and the Department of Procurement and Concessions of the Ministry of Public Works.

It is planned to design and build a new road and rehabilitation and widen to four lanes the Omar Torrijos Road extending from Corozal to the entrance of the Red Tank road and construction to […]

OILCO Panama taking care of good engine operation

CEPSA Marine Lubricants que ahora tiene una nueva línea de productos.

OILCO Panama is a marine lubricants distributor that has the exclusive representation of the brands CEPSA Marine Lubricants. The company has warehouses in Corozal, Panama City and a truck fleet which guarantee 24/7 deliveries.

The company has competitive prices and, when requested, delivers the products directly to the client’s ship. OILCO Panama has permits and access to most Panamanian ports such as Aguadulce, Bocas del Toro, Charco Azul, Gamboa, Colon 2000, Almirante, Portobelo, Bahía Las […]

CADE 2016 analyses the Canal’s future

CADE analizará las oportunidades que ofrece el Canal ampliado.

One of the main events of the Panamanian Association of business Executive (APEDE) is the annual conference CADE 2016, which will take place from Wednesday, April 20 to Friday, April 22 at the Sheraton Hotel.

This year the forum subject will be “After the Canal Expansion…What else? Opportunities and Barriers”. The principal speaker for the inaugural dinner is the former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos, while closing the conference will be Dr. Ricardo Hausmann from Harvard […]

“Food Hub” option for the Panamanian producer

Un hub alimentario ayudaría al sector agropecuario.

An initiative has been put forward that aims to turn Panama into a re-export window of both perishable and non-perishable food. It takes as its starting point using the isthmus to supply large consumer markets.

Agricultural transformation expert, Didio Batista, said that this initiative would increase the importance of the food production sector in the country.

“The logistics center of this kind in Panama would be to import food from different countries for processing or […]

CMP rejects new inspection tariffs

Cámara Marítima rechaza nuevas tarifas de AUPSA

The Panama Chamber of Shipping and shipping company members of this association asked the Panamanian Authority of Food Safety (AUPSA) to reconsider its actions regarding a new set of prices for the services it gives.

According to the Chamber these new tariffs will represent an increase of up to 48% on the cost of transshipment on the Panama route for food products starting from April 1, 2016.

Transshipment cargo represents more than 95% of what […]

Panama establishes cooperation with Egypt

Saad El-Giushy y Jorge Barakat Pitty.

During a meeting in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, with the Minister of Transport of that country, Saad El-Giushy, the Minister of Maritime Affairs of Panama (AMP) Jorge Barakat Pitty, established mechanisms for cooperation in maritime matters between Panama and Egypt.

El-Giushy recognized the great experience of Panama in its logistics development, which is based on the Interoceanic Canal administration and all port activity that takes place in Panama.

He also expressed Egypt’s interest in […]