Nicaragua canal route choice fails to convince

Río Brito

Many questions and doubts hover over the Nicaragua Canal plan, ranging from viability of the announced route to a need for much more information.

There is still no clarity on how the mega project would be financed, and prospective German investors say they need “much more” information.

The route of the inter-oceanic canal of Nicaragua should be optimized and subject to further feasibility studies, despite HKND Group presenting route number four, a proposal originally made [...]

Colón’s Enrique Jiménez Airport receives bilingual ATIS system

Aeropuerto Internacional Enrique A. Jiménez

STR-SpeechTech has completed the delivery and training of a technologically advanced ATIS System which has been installed in the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Enrique Jiménez International Airport, in Colón, Panama. The system was installed by Comtel S.A., a Panamanian company.

ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) broadcasts information to pilots of noncontrol information including runways in use and conditions, notices to airmen, and weather information. The Digital ATIS (D-ATIS) is received digitally in text [...]

CMA-CGM to build 28 container ships

Construyen 28 barcos para naviera CMA-CGM

French shipping company CMA-CGM has announced construction of the first of a series of 28 container vessels for the Asian coast that have a capacity of 9,400 to 10,900 containers.

CMA-CGM said that this type of ship is the first built by the Chinese company DSIC (Dalian PRC) and are 300 meters long and 48 meters wide, a design to maximize load capacity, but with the latest technology.

The French shipping company reported that 28 [...]

ACP analyzes building port in Corozal

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is considering building a new port under administrative concession at Corozal, in the area of Balboa.

If the board of the ACP approves the project, it is estimated that the tender process could be held in October.

Jorge Luis Quijano, Administrator of the ACP, said in an article on Prensa.com that “it would be a full concession, where the holder would make the investment, or it would be a concession [...]

Panama should emulate Singapore model: Sabonge

Panamá necesita nuevas estrategias para desarrollar el sector marítimo, según Sabonge

By Franklin Castrellón

“The Panamanian government, as did Singapore at the time, should exercise the inalienable right to exploit the Panamanian primary resource: its geographical position.”

This statement was made to The Bulletin by Rodolfo Sabonge, an independent consultant, who until November 2013 served as executive Vice President of Planning and Business Development of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

Sabonge said: “The main asset of Panama is its geographical position and therefore. it should be [...]

Seminar about Supply Chain

Building the Lean Supply Chain Professional

July 29-31, 2014

City of Knowledge, Clayton, Panama

Apply lean principles to reduce the total cost of your supply chain

Connecting lean and waste reduction to supply chain management functions achieves improved inventory visibility, logistics control, and optimal supply chain performance. In this course, you will understand how to apply pull systems, leveled flow, and waste reduction strategies to your supply chain. Simulations [...]

Seafarers’ license monopoly eliminated

Otras organizaciones ahora podrán certificar a los marinos

As part of the changes taking place in the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) it has been proposed that the Panama International Maritime University present a plan for it to complete the certification process or “assesment” that regulates the Code of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

“The state could also invite other companies to participate in the program that the administration of former President Ricardo Martinelli decided to give exclusively to Orion Maritime”, says Prensa.com [...]