Seminar about Supply Chain

Building the Lean Supply Chain Professional

July 29-31, 2014

City of Knowledge, Clayton, Panama

Apply lean principles to reduce the total cost of your supply chain

Connecting lean and waste reduction to supply chain management functions achieves improved inventory visibility, logistics control, and optimal supply chain performance. In this course, you will understand how to apply pull systems, leveled flow, and waste reduction strategies to your supply chain. Simulations [...]

Seafarers’ license monopoly eliminated

Otras organizaciones ahora podrán certificar a los marinos

As part of the changes taking place in the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) it has been proposed that the Panama International Maritime University present a plan for it to complete the certification process or “assesment” that regulates the Code of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

“The state could also invite other companies to participate in the program that the administration of former President Ricardo Martinelli decided to give exclusively to Orion Maritime”, says Prensa.com [...]

After P-3 failure Maersk seeks an alternative plan

reguladores chinos bloquearan de forma inesperada la Alianza P3

Maersk Line announced it is working on alternative plans to reduce costs and address overcapacity in the market for maritime freight.

This comes after Chinese regulators unexpectedly blocked the alliance of the world’s three largest container shipping companies, known as the P3 alliance.

The decision of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce was a surprise to Maersk and other participants in the P3 alliance – the Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and CMA CGM of France, [...]

BMI verifies the UMIP training standards

BMI verifica estándares de formación de la UMIP

The Specialist Maritime Inspectorate of Belgium (BMI), completed an audit monitoring at the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) on content, curriculum, infrastructure and technology applied (simulators) and system quality of the university.

The objective of the audit was to verify compliance with the standards and regulations that qualifies the UMIP as a certified training center for BMI.

To carry out the audit process efficiently and smoothly, all university bodies participated.

BMI recognized the UMIP as [...]

Tocumen expansion advancing

Avanza ampliación de Tocumen


Work on the Tocumen International Airport expansion is in line with the original project schedule, being carried out by the construction company Norberto Odebrecht.

“The South Terminal master plan states that the work will cover 74,000 square meters of construction, of which 10% will be a commercial area, plus about 20 new boarding gates, the platform for positioning aircraft, the structure for baggage handling and equipment, VIP lounges, bars, restaurants and 1,600 additional parking [...]

Agreement signed between UMECIT and the Isthmus Training Institute

Firma de convenio entre UMECIT y el Isthmus Training Institute

The Magister Sindo Vázquez. coordinator of the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the Metropolitan University (UMECIT) and Captain Samuel Ferreira de Souza of the Isthmus Training Institute (ITI) in Cartagena have initialed an agreement to promote scientific research and technological training in the field of marine sciences and related fields whose objective is to value the knowledge and growth opportunities related to research, scientific development and innovation in marine studies.

The meeting [...]

Two conferences about corrosion in Panama

Dos congresos sobre corrosión en Panamá

From August 13 to 16, 2014, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center and in the Claudia Marcela Rueda auditorium of the Metropolitan University of Science and Technology (UMECIT) in Panama City.

The Pan-American Institute of Naval, Maritime and Port Engineers (IPIN America) and the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology of Panama (UMECIT), in collaboration with the Panamanian Chapter of the American Corrosion Society (NACE Panama), have announced the II International [...]