Two canal theory ruled out by Panama

Niegan conexión entre canales de Panamá y Nicaragua

The Panama Canal Authority ruled out the possibility that conditions exist for having two inter-oceanic canals in Central America.

This opinion was given after Paul Oquist, Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Grand Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua, declared in Panama that Central America could become the world’s largest logistics center when the country completes its inter-oceanic route.

Jorge Quijano, Administrator of the Panama Canal, said that there are no conditions to have two water [...]

Chinese interested in starting new Panama Canal expansion

The administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, said that a group of Chinese businessmen have shown interest in building and financing a fourth set of locks and will be visiting the ACP again.

The Canal administrator was in a discussion organized by the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) to discuss the progress of the Canal expansion when he said that there is no demand at the moment for a fourth set of [...]

Canal competitiveness in question

Mega ship building reaches fever pitch

Will Panamá be ready to handle mega ships?

Container ships with dimensions exceeding the capacity of the expanded Panama Canal put into question the country’s readiness to receive them.

Although the increasing size of container ships on the pretext of economies of scale has its limits, the main shipowners are engaged in a race to build ships of 18,000 TEU and more.

Earlier this year, Evergreen Line announced it had ordered 11 mega container ships [...]

Dispute Resolution Board partially favors GUPC claim

José Antonio Domínguez, presidente de la comisión legislativa de Infraestructura Pública y del Canal, durante una reciente inspección de los trabajos de ampliación del Canal de Panamá.

The Dispute Resolution Board (JRC) issued its decision that recognizes the payment of a fraction of the amounts claimed by the Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPCSA), in respect of alleged cost overruns in the construction of the third set locks of the Canal expansion.

The decision of the JRC provides its discretion with respect to the mixture of concrete and basalt aggregate for the construction of the locks.

In this case, GUPCSA claims some [...]

2015 will be a turning point for Panama’s logistical future, Croston

“This year, 2015, should mark the turning point for integrating public and private sector efforts towards transforming Panama into a value-added logistics center that enhances the maritime, port and airport sectors, as enshrined in the government plan The People First Alliance,” said the president of the Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP), Juan Carlos Croston.

In a move aimed at meeting this priority objective, the government issued on November 13, 2014, Executive Order No. 881, by [...]

Multimodal Marine, more than just a service

Multimodal Marine... más que un servicio

Commitment and effort are the aims of Multimodal Marine this 2015.

The company chairman, Elio Sanchez, said that the challenge for the start of the year will be increasing the supply of products to customers.

Based on this projection to improve relations that began in 2014 with multinational companies from Dubai, China and Europe, Multimodal Marine is currently looking to outsource logistics services.

According to Sanchez, a country like Panama offers many facilities to develop [...]

Railway network a must for Panama

Panamá necesita añadir una vía ferroviaria para dinamizar el movimiento de carga de este a oeste

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Panama, with its newly expanded Canal about to open, along with other country members of the Central American Integration System (Sieca) needs to develop an efficient multimodal logistics system to maximize trade potential.

One of the solutions is an efficient railway network together with a maritime transport system to revitalize the region’s economies.

Two projects are being evaluated for the area of Mesoamerica, a transcontinental railway and a maritime transport system, [...]