Mexican companies will save 30% with expanded Canal

Walmart es una de las compañías que pueden beneficiarse con la ampliación del Canal.

Ford, Liverpool and Wal-Mart are just some of the companies that can reduce their transport costs by up to 30% with the expanded Panama Canal.

This savings comes from larger ships.

Mabe, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Bayer, Liverpool and Wal-Mart are just some of the companies that will be able to take advantage of the Panama Canal expansion.

Exporting and importing companies can now reduce their transport costs with other countries by up to 30 percent, […]

Agunsa to represent Melfi in Chile and Peru

Cuban shipping line Melfi Marine Corp., has nominated Agunsa as its general agent in Chile and Peru to extend its Intra-Caribbean service/WCSA, to these two countries.

Melfi has weekly departures from the Chilean ports of San Antonio and San Vicente to Callao (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Buenaventura (Colombia), making transshipment in Balboa (Panama) to target as their final destination Mariel and Santiago (Cuba) for containerized dry, fresh and frozen cargo.

As a general agent Agunsa must […]

Indian Ocean gas find may enter Asian market

Hidratos de gas están atrapados en el fondo del mar.

While the US is looking to the expanded canal to compete for natural gas (LNG) sales to Asia and Panama expects more gas tankers to arrive, there may be a new competitor on the horizon.

The US sees the expanded canal making its gas exports to countries such as Japan and China more competitive against gas exports from Australia, which is closer to those markets.

Now a joint expedition by India and the US has […]

Concession signed on Port of Posorja, Ecuador

Puerto de Posorja.

In a recent ceremony in Ecuador to concession the port of Posorja, President, Rafael Correa, said it became urgent after the Panama Canal expansion project, “because this port will accommodate the post-Panamax ships that require a draft of up to 15 meters”.

Present at the event was the president of DP World Investments BV, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, who signed the contract for 50 years until 2066 by the private operator, DP World Posorja SA, […]

APAC at Expocarga Mexico 2016

El stand de Panamá en la feria.

The Panamanian Association of Cargo Agents (APAC) participated in Expocarga Mexico 2016 in the pavilion “PANAMA MORE THAN A CANAL”, together with the support of the Colon Free Zone. It was an excellent start to celebrate the opening of the expanded Canal.

The “Cargo Week Americas-Expo 2016” event was held on June 28 at Centro Banamex in Mexico City, where the APAC was involved.

The Cargo Mexico Expo is held every year to raise awareness […]

Challenges and opportunities for Costa Rica from expanded Canal

Puerto de Moín.

The Panama Canal expansion is a fact of extraordinary importance to Costa Rica, according to Kenneth Waugh, CEO of APM Terminals Moin (Puerto Limon).

In a recent article on elfinancierocr.com Waugh said: “Indeed, Costa Rica is one of those nations that could benefit from the Panama Canal expansion, particularly the Caribbean region, where it currently moves more than 70% of maritime cargo.

“For this to happen, Costa Rica knew it was necessary to modernize the […]

“Profound changes” to be logistics center

“Cambios profundos” para ser centro logístico

For Panama to succeed in establishing a competitive Logistics Hub of first world level and take advantage of the expanded Canal, it must first set clear rules in the logistics sector and adapt the Constitution of the Republic, improve roads, water service and electricity, infrastructure and the education system.

International and local experts concurred that the present system does not respond to the needs required for the long-term.

These opinions came forth in the “Panama […]