Panama Canal Authority

Panama Canal orders floating dry dock

Panama Canal orders floating dry dock

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has an approved project for the acquisition of a Floating Dry Dock with its own dedicated breasting quay. It is anticipated that construction should be finished no later than September 2021. The invitation to tender was published on the ACP web page.

The project, explained the document, will be contracted out through public tender and awarded to a contractor. It is expected that the […]

Panama Canal, 105 years of uniting the world

Since its opening in 1914, this marvel of engineering has shortened the distance between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Today, with the third set of locks, it has become capable of allowing the transit of the massive neopanamax ships.

The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama for 82 kilometers and is a conduit for maritime trade. Canal locks are at each end to lift ships up to Gatun […]

Third bridge over Canal inaugurated

The third bridge will help to boost the development of the Atlantic sector.

When the Canal route was opened in 1914, Colón was divided into Costa Arriba and Costa Abajo, while afterwards a small bridge was opened over the Gatun locks, which only worked when no ship crossed and vehicles had to wait on both banks.

The imposing structure cost $590.6 million. Its length is 4,605 meters and has four lanes. It holds the world record as a cable-stayed concrete bridge, four […]

The Canal looks for water sources

Climate changes, el Niño phenomenon, deforestation and human pressure are jeopardizing the hydric resources of the Panama Canal. The interoceanic waterway depends on water to keep functioning and it is imperative to find ways to find and preserve this vital liquid.

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) took the decision in May this year to impose new draft restrictions on ships crossing the locks and required them to carry less […]

ACP seeks to improve Pacific access

El Puerto de Balboa se beneficiaría con esta medida.

Since May 9 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has implemented new navigation rules for access to the Pacific Ocean, allowing ships to pass in opposite directions in daylight.

This measure helps alleviate the impact of this restriction on the ports of Balboa (Hutchinson PPC) and PSA Panama, both located at the Pacific entrance of the waterway.

To date nine vessel passes have been carried out in […]

Ricaurte Vásquez appointed next Canal administrator

The Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) appointed Ricaurte Vásquez as the new administrator of the waterway, starting from September 4, in replacement of engineer Jorge Luis Quijano, who will complete his term of seven years established in the law.

Ricaurte Vásquez has more than 30 years of experience in financial management, international capital markets, financial consulting and in the public sector. He was minister for […]

Study considers Panama Canal tug safety

Seguridad de los barcos remolcadores fue revisada por TMG.

Tug operations were put under scrutiny by an article published in the Maritime Journal and written by Peter Barker. For many months the tug boats captains have complained about the working conditions and other problems related to the safety of the vessels crossing the Panama Canal.

An A-list team of international experts led by The Maritime Group International (TMG) has delivered a review of tug operations in the newly expanded Panama Canal.

The canal’s capacity […]