Panama Maritime Authority

Corruption complaint lodged against former AMP manager

Roberto Linares

Por Franklin Castrellón

The former administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), Roberto Linares, must explain to the Attorney General’s Office the reasons that prompted him to grant exclusivity to issue certificates to officers and seamen of the Panamanian ship registration and validate those of third countries.

When making the complaint on July 16 against Linares and those who participated in the exclusive grant last July 16 alleging “scam and fraud”, the Panamanian [...]

Panama implements Pele Marine

The Panamanian Cabinet authorized the hiring for one year of service for 380 users, mobile devices and a back office platform.

The system will be bought by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for use to locate, manage and report on rates and seamen’s rights in international and national waters.

The Cabinet report states:

“The Cabinet Council authorized, by Cabinet Resolution, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) purchasing a monthly service (12 months) of the Pele Marine [...]

Group to invest $6.5 million for marina in San Carlos

A statement from the Panamanian Cabinet has announced:

“The Cabinet Council approved a favorable Resolution to a Concession Agreement between The State, through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for The Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., under which it will invest $6.5 million”.

It is explained in the document that according to the application filed by the company Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., the area will be used for the construction, use and operation of a [...]

Open letter demands release of Captain Svetlozar Sobadzhiev

Carta abierta exige la liberación del capitán Svetlozar Sobadzhiev

A group of concerned Bulgarian expat citizens living in Panama and Mexico have sent an open letter to President Ricardo Martinelli demanding the release of Captain Svetlozar Sobadzhiev, master of the Maas Trader, who has been accused of drug trafficking.

He has been in a Panama jail for three years awaiting trial, but for a variety of different reasons a trial has been delayed. The letter is as follows:

The President of the Republic of [...]

The “Prisoner of Panama” wants resolution

Svetlozar Sobadzhiev

Svetlozar Sobadzhiev has been in prision for three years

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The saga of the Bulgarian captain Svetlozar Sobadzhiev continues. He has now been in jail for almost three years. He has a new trial date, Thursday, December 19, but there is no guarantee that it will not be delayed again.

The Bulgarian captain is accused of smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine on the ship Maas Trader, property of the Dutch company Reider [...]

Urgent need for effective prevention and resolution of labor disputes

El candidato presidencial por el Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), Juan Carlos Navarro

The components of the maritime cluster view a serious risk for the development of Panama as a logistics center from stoppages and strikes that have occurred in three major international ports in the past two years. They urge the authorities to find viable ways, and expedite formulas to resolve these events before they become crises.

Since the labor strike that affected the ports of Balboa and Cristobal in July 2012, with heavy losses to all [...]

AMP participates in workshop on maritime search and rescue

Mecanismos de respuesta deben coordinarse al realizar una operación de búsqueda y rescate

Officials of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) participated in the “Interagency SAR Workshop” where mechanisms were coordinated between state institutions responsible for responding to emergencies and people in danger at sea.

This initiative seeks to promote a coordinated response among state security agencies in search and rescue operations in accordance with the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue , 1979 (SAR) .

During the second day of the event, the institutions made a presentation [...]