Panama Maritime Authority

Ports of Panama move five million containers

Panama Ports en Cristóbal que ha movido 553.593 contenedores en los primeros nueve meses de 2014

In the first nine months of the year Panamanian ports have moved 5,046,758 containers, according to statistics from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

The figure shows an increase of 95,164 containers, when compared with the amount moved through ports in the same period of 2013 when container movement reached 4,951,594.

Container movement is led by Panama Ports Company Balboa that had moved to September 2,299,283, followed by Manzanillo International Terminal with 1,550,464.

Third is Panama [...]

Panama’s Maritime Authority staff rescue Swiss national

Personal de la AMP, que participó del rescate en compañía de Vicente Gamio (tercero de izquierda a derecha) ciudadano de nacionalidad suiza cuyo kayak había sufrido el percance

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced that its staff at the Port of Pedregal in the province of Chiriqui came to the rescue of a kayak that had suffered a mishap in the area of Boca Chica.

AMP technicians were at Boca Chica performing routine inspections when they observed three foreign citizens in the sector of the lighthouse signalling for assistance in locating a companion.

The Supervisor of the Health and Safety Office of the [...]

Chiriqui economy will be reactivated

AMP Administrator:

A commitment of President Juan Carlos Varela is the provision of direct support to infrastructure and economy of the province of Chiriqui.

“In this development the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is involved in logistical support in all these modernization plans,” said the administrator of the AMP, Jorge Barakat.

This announcement was made during a meeting between Barakat and his staff with local authorities, businessmen and members of the David Chamber of Commerce that [...]

Panama sets rules for maritime traffic

The new traffic separation system that will begin December 1, establishes four areas in the Canal’s approaches and coastal areas, protected due to their being environmentally sensitive sites.

The separation of traffic (TSS) will include three areas on the Pacific, one on the Atlantic and at the entrances of the canal to allow the organizing of vessel traffic congestion areas and it should protect humpback whales.

Areas that are protected include the Maritime Corridor, which [...]

Time capsule, novel initiative of the Chamber of Shipping

La capsúla del tiempo será enterrada en las esclusas de Gatún

In a new initiative that will create interest 25 years from now, the Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP) with the consent and support of the Panama Canal Authority, will bury a time capsule in the Gatun Locks, as a commemorative activity for the Centenary of the opening of the Canal to world maritime trade.

The capsule, containing a collection of information and articles on the Centenary of the Canal and related activities, will be buried [...]

Panama offers vessel registration discounts

“To help the industry in time of difficulty”

Discounts have been granted of up to 35% on the registration fee and the annual consular fee for registering ships under the Panamanian flag.

Through a resolution published in the Official Gazette, the Merchant Marine Department of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) was authorized to grant discounts, additional to those contained in the legislation, for those who register ships under the Panamanian flag.

The measure aims to [...]

“Monopolistic practice of MEC affects image of an open market in Panama”

dique seco de Balboa

The case for the ship’s chandlers

Ship suppliers (ship’s chandlers) have made accusations of monopolistic practices and conflict of interest against MEC Shipyards, operator of the Balboa drydock.

MEC Shipyards won the concession to operate the Balboa drydock in January, 2013, under the past administration of Ricardo Martinelli, when the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) was administered by Roberto Linares.

The concessionaire won the right to manage and operate the Balboa complex in a process saturated [...]