ACP begins bid for tender process for a transshipment port west of the Panama Canal

El futuro puerto de Corozal

By Franklin Castrellón

Global port operators have expressed interest in developing the port of Corozal under the terms proposed by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the administrator, Jorge L. Quijano, told The Bulletin.

He noted that the new terminal is needed to meet the growing requirement for transshipment cargo services on the Pacific coast.

Quijano said that a number of shipping companies have indicated to the ACP the need for much more port capacity in [...]

Companies from U.S., Europe and China interested in port of Aguadulce

Guimara Tuñón Guerra

By Franklin Castrellón

Port operators from the United States, Europe and China have expressed interest in the project of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to develop a multipurpose terminal in the area where once operated the Port of Aguadulce, Guimara Tuñón Guerra, deputy director of Ports of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), told The Bulletin.

The tender for “best value” for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a multipurpose terminal in that area was [...]

Investing in the future of Colón

Un crucero pasando por Colón hacia el Canal. El plan a largo plazo de Varela pretende capturar este mercado a beneficio de la ciudad

Panama sets sights on establishing its Caribbean port as a stop for major cruise lines

Business leaders, government officials and tourism industry representatives met recently in Colón to discuss strategies to create an economic windfall to benefit both the city and the province. The Varela administration has major plans for infrastructural improvements, yet recognizes the need to involve the populace in its future. The Bulletin looks at this ambitious and multifaceted project which aims to [...]

Port located for auxiliary maritime service sector

El nuevo puerto estará situada bajo el Puente de las Américas

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) began the process of planning, design and construction of a pier on the Pacific for operations of the auxiliary maritime industry. The project would take shape through the modality of a public – private partnership.

A statement from the AMP said: “True to its role of developing auxiliary maritime industries, the AMP began the process of planning, design and subsequent construction of a dock for auxiliary maritime industries, located on [...]

AMP tenders for multipurpose port in Aguadulce

El puerto de Aguadulce está localizado en el estero de Palo Blanco, en el Golfo de Parita, a 200 kilómetros de la ciudad de Panamá

The port of Aguadulce ceased operating in 2008, but a new bid for tender to modernize it may generate an economic windfall for the area

By Franklin Castrellón

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) on June 25, 2015, opened the tender for “best value” for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a multipurpose terminal in the Pacific-side area of Aguadulce.

Proposals are due to be submitted on October 22, 2015, between 8:30 and 10 a.m., [...]

Four new super post-Panamax gantry cranes due at MIT-Panama

cuatro nuevas grúas pórtico para Manzanillo International Terminal

The Zhenhua 11 barge left the port of Shanghai on June 20 with four new gantry cranes for Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Colón, a subsidiary of SSA Marine. The barge will take two months at sea transporting the largest gantry cranes so far received at a port in the Caribbean.

They will complement the existing fifteen cranes at MIT.

The cranes are equipped with electric motors and LED lighting that reduce the environmental footprint, and [...]

President Varela participates in container terminal expansion project on the Pacific

El presidente de la República Juan Carlos Varela (centro) participó del acto de inicio de obras acompañados de otros dignatarios

The port terminal expansion of PSA Singapore ports terminal in Rodman will allow it to receive ships of up to 12,500 containers (TEU), which will cross the routes from Asia to the east coast of the United States. With a hub strategy, shipping lines can use vessels of up to 4,000 containers (TEU) to serve Ecuador, Peru and Chile, Guatemala and Costa Rica in a weekly schedule by making transfers in Panama.