Pecamar, S.A. Helping Colon and Its Ports

Pecamar offers heavy equipment training.

PECAMAR, S.A., is a company established in the city of Colon, Republic of Panama since 2006.

It is dedicated to the provision of port operator services (heavy equipment operators).

The company is located in the 4 Altos Shopping Center, in the city of Colon.

PECAMAR, S.A., has a workforce of more than 150 operators with vast experience in handling equipment such as tractors […]

Strike cuts Panama’s port growth to only 0.6%

The illegal strike of more than a week in July at the ports of Balboa and Cristóbal (Hutchison Ports PPC) had its first effects on the movement of containers in the Panamanian port system when its growth was reduced to only 0.6% in the first seven months of the year, compared to the same period of the previous year, according to official figures.

Two of the five container port […]

LNG tank operations begin at AES Colon

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank, of the AES Colón plant began operation and is being used as a primary source for the supply of gas to the power block. This takes place after having completed one year since its inauguration.

During this first year of the AES Colón plant, it was supplied by six ships that provided 976,743 cubic meters (m3) of LNG, contributing 22% of the Panamanian electric system’s electricity generation._



Consequences of the PPC labor strike

The Port of Balboa’s strike tarnished Panama’s image.

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The Panama Ports Company (PPC) strike finally ended after thirteen days. During that period transshipment in the Port of Balboa was affected, causing ships to be rerouted to other terminals in nearby countries. The losses caused by this strike reached millions of dollars and the country’s image was tarnished.

Edgar Pineda, spokesperson for Hutchison Ports PPC (Panama Ports Company), said that the most important thing […]

Shipyard revival for Panama’s Pacific coast

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The only shipyard at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal closed its doors in March 2019. Since then, this important part of the auxiliary shipping industry has closed down and ships which need repair need to go to Colombia or Costa Rica.

A concession to operate and administer the Balboa Shipyard was given to the consortium MEC Shipyards in 2012 by the Ricardo Martinelli […]

MIT Volunteering, A Network

MIT: 23 years serving Panama and the world

MIT: 23 years serving Panama and the world Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT)

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) began operations on April 16, 1995, in the Atlantic coast of Panama, since then it has offered efficient port services to shipping lines operating in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In 23 years of operation MIT has been pioneer in innovation and technology. The terminal developed added value areas for containers and rolling equipment to promote the flow of cargo through Panama. MIT was the […]