Editorial: Regrettable incident at the Colón railway

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC)

An incident occurred in Colon on January 16, 2017, typical of a fourth-world country, which should never be repeated: The Municipal Council of Colón, headed by Mayor Federico Policani, decided to sit on the Panama-Colon railroad tracks at the Colon station to protest against the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) administration because this company “does not contribute municipal taxes, nor does it support it in its social works.”

The transisthmian railroad provides a vital service […]

Monorail revives Panama-Chiriquí railroad plan

Muchos países alrededor del mundo están construyendo redes de ferrocarriles para mover carga y pasajeros apoyar su plataforma logística multimodal.

By Franklin Castrellón

On April 20, 2016, President Juan Carlos Varela signed the financing pact with Japan for the construction of a high speed monorail between Albrook and Future City, adjacent to La Chorrera.

This immediately opened discussions on a railway connecting Panama with Chiriqui.

First to propose the railway was the former president Martin Torrijos. “Why not take advantage (of the fourth bridge) to build a freight and passenger railway serving exports of Panama […]