A productive trip to Europe for the AMP

Calzada Amador.

The Government of Panama is expecting that 665 new vessels, currently in construction, will register in the national shipping registry, said the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) administrator, Jorge Barakat, after making an assessment of his October tour through Europe.

The administrator explained that in addition to that figure, the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) vessels should be added, after an agreement was made in Geneva, Switzerland, with MSC president, Gianluigi Aponte, its CEO, Diego Aponte and […]

Encouraging outlook for shipping companies

Hapag-Lloyd cree el movimiento de contenedores aumentará.

“The container shipping industry is approaching a better period, as a number of factors which help to balance supply and demand are beginning to take hold. Although we cannot say that the future is bright, we can say there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd, after the publication of the company’s profits for the first half of 2016, reported an article by “Xeneta”.

In fact, the […]

Shipping giants form alliance

Uno de los barcos de CMA CGM.

CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line y Orient Overseas Container Line announced the implementation of what will become the biggest shipping alliance in the world, Ocean Alliance.

The four partners will share their capacity in several routes in order to offer a better service to their customers. Together, the associated shipping companies will operate 40 services on the East-West routes with about 100 ports of call and almost 500 interconnected ports, supported by a […]

Panama asks EU to simplify maritime procedures

La seguridad de los barcos de pasajeros es sumamente importante.

In order to exchange views about the safety of passenger vessels, norms to protect the marine environment and ways to simplify procedures related to Panamanian vessels in the ports of European Union (EU) countries, Jorge Barakat Pitty, Minister for Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), met in Brussels with European Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc.

“Panama appreciates the continued support from the European Commission, which has made possible the successful implementation of […]

Panama Canal Records Third-Highest Annual Cargo Tonnage

The Cosco Shipping, the first ship to cross the third set of lock.

At the close of the 2016 fiscal year (FY16), the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) recorded the third-highest annual tonnage in its history, handling 330.7 million Panama Canal tons (PC/UMS).

A total of 13,114 vessels transited the Panama Canal during the fiscal period from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. Of these, 238 were Neopanamax vessels that took advantage of the newly opened Expanded Canal during the first three months of its operation, accounting for […]

AMP will implement international IGS security code

El código busca proteger el ecosistema marino.

The implementation of the International Safety Management Code (ISMC) in Panama created the need for a Regional Course on the subject of legislation in which the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Central American Shipping Commission (COCATRAM) participated.

AMP administrator, Jorge Barakat Pitty, opened the event and highlighted the need for the right implementation of the ISMC Code, not only to guarantee safety and reduce environmental damage to marine ecosystems […]

Canal expansion vs. low container movement

El Cosco Shipping fue el primer neo-panamax en transitar por el tercer juego de esclusas del ampliado Canal Panamá

By: Lic. Oliver G. Laprea, Master in Foreign Trade and Maritime Services.

Panama has survived various economic cycles. However, when there is a global economic downturn, the Canal also suffers but in the long turn growth picks up again

Current issues of great importance for the maritime sector are:

The impact of liquefied natural gas on the maritime industry. The implementation of the Ballast Water Convention. The economic effects of the expanded Canal on the […]