First vessel powered by LNG transits the Canal

El capitán de la embarcación Isla Bella, Andrew M. Mayher (al centro) recibió una placa en reconocimiento de parte del Canal de Panamá

The first ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) to transit the Panama Canal was the American-flagged container ship, the Isla Bella. The use of LNG as fuel in the United States defines an important change for the maritime industry.

With the use of this fuel, pollution of the environment is reduced by a large percentage, so that the whole world will benefit from the use of this product, said the Vice President of Operations [...]

Demand increasing for professionals in maritime and port administration

La demanda de especialistas en logística y puertos aumentará

Peru has become a major transshipment center in recent years and is estimated to expand with greater demand for professionals dedicated to this sector when the Panama Canal expansion is completed.

The demand will increase next year when the Panama Canal expansion project begins operation, a monumental work that will allow the transit of ships nearly three times larger than those currently passing through, said Eduardo Lugo, Dean of the Faculty of Logistics, Maritime and [...]

Panama maritime administration strengthens the ship registry

Administración marítima busca fortalecer el registro de naves

By Franklin Castrellón

With a record that from the past century earned it the title of a “flag of convenience”, the Panamanian ship registry was facing a great challenge at the end of 1999, on the eve of the handover of the Canal to Panama.

The great challenge was to correct the shortcomings of the past and raise the level of the registry to that of the Canal: a company of first world prestige.


Vice Chancellor of the UMIP chosen president of IPIN

Dr. Adam Vega, Vice Rector of Graduate Research Studies and Extension of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) was chosen as the new president of the Pan American Institute of Naval, Maritime and Port Engineering (IPIN).

The decision was taken at the General Assembly of IPEN and issued within the framework of the celebration of the XXIV Pan American Congress of Naval Engineering (COPINAVAL) recently held in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The event was attended by representatives [...]

Insurance to safeguard your cargo

Seguro marítimo para salvaguardar su carga

Por: Carlos Stuart Socio – Director Unity Ducruet

Like any other business, the maritime activities are full of risks, there are many situations that should be taken into account for those who pursue this enterprise as a way to make a living and buying an Insurance Policy is a good idea to maintain a healthy patrimony and investment.

Panama has advanced a lot with regards to policy coverage and maritime insurance and it is possible [...]

Euronav chooses Panamanian cadets

El Capitán Nikos Koulouris entrevista a una cadete

The shipping company Euronav, one of the major crude oil carriers in the world, selected 30 nautical cadets of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) to carry out their embarkation period of 12 months.

The Greek shipping company sent Captain Nikos Koulouris, hiring manager, to Panama to interview a group of 43 cadets and choose those who filled the expectations, guidelines and profile of the company.

In all, 13 cadets studying Nautical Engineering in Naval [...]

New ferry plans to expedite Central American cargo

Ferry agilizará exportaciones en Centroamérica

The Spanish company Naviera del Odiel is to offer the service of moving goods between El Salvador and Costa Rica taking a third of the time currently taken by road transport.

Once the new maritime service starts operations, it will connect the ports of La Union and Caldera, starting next year.

Exports to Guatemala and Honduras would also benefit as inland carriers cannot pass through Customs once the goods enter El Salvador.

The port of [...]