OILCO Panama taking care of good engine operation

CEPSA Marine Lubricants que ahora tiene una nueva línea de productos.

OILCO Panama is a marine lubricants distributor that has the exclusive representation of the brands CEPSA Marine Lubricants. The company has warehouses in Corozal, Panama City and a truck fleet which guarantee 24/7 deliveries.

The company has competitive prices and, when requested, delivers the products directly to the client’s ship. OILCO Panama has permits and access to most Panamanian ports such as Aguadulce, Bocas del Toro, Charco Azul, Gamboa, Colon 2000, Almirante, Portobelo, Bahía Las […]

ITF attacks open ship registries

ITF ataca registros abiertos de barcos

By Franklin Castrellón

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has taken the opportunity of using the “Panama Papers” to resume its attacks on open ship registries, noting that the only thing they can do to achieve some balance with the scheme of “tax evasion” is to sign agreements that guarantee certain terms and conditions of employment for ship crews.

In a statement issued on April 7 regarding disclosure of the so-called “Panama Papers,” the Secretary […]

Maersk, MSC dominate in Mar Del Plata cargo

Maersk y MSC domina en Mar Del Plata este año

Dominated by Maersk, so far this year nearly 20,000 tons of products have been exported from the terminal of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

The port also increased the operation of the fishing fleet dedicated to automated squid fishing and the port is already thinking of dredging maintenance.

The vessel “Saturn” starred on its last stop taking the largest loads on record at the port of Mar del Plata since the last dredging work was completed, […]

Maritime cargo regulations start in July 2016

Weighing legislation on maritime container cargo adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enter into force on July 1 and most countries are already working to adapt to the new rules.

Recent studies conducted in the field on cargo shipping have shown that most accidents involving container ships are related to excess weight, so the IMO has decided to curb the problem by establishing tighter controls.

The cargo shippers will be responsible for verifying […]

World Maritime Day 2016 “Shipping: essential”

Día Marítimo Mundial 2016 “Shipping: essential”

The theme for World Maritime Day 2016 is “Shipping: essential for the world”

The theme provides an opportunity to focus on the key link between maritime transport and the global society as well as to increase awareness of the importance of the role of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as the global standard-setting body for international shipping. Each year World Maritime Day is celebrated. The exact date is left to each country, but usually it […]

Mega ships problem for shippers

Alianzas y mega barcos podrían estar perjudicando a la industria marítima.

The use of mega ships and alliances remain the main problems within the shipping sector, it has been highlighted by a report of the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF).

GSF has produced a report for the International Transport Forum which deals with the impact of mega ships and analyzes the disadvantages the introduction of mega ships and alliances between large carriers has meant for operators and the market for maritime cargo in general.

“The popular belief […]

AMP welcomes alliance of two major Chinese shipping lines

AMP felicita alianza de navieras de China

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) in a note signed by its administrator, Jorge Barakat Pitty, addressed to the President of China Cosco Shipping Cooperation Limited, Xu Lirong, welcomes the successful completion of the strategic alliance between the two major shipping companies in the People’s Republic of China – Cosco and China Shipping.

“Both companies, since their inception in pursuit of excellence, took the interesting job of connecting global markets in their bulk, oil, container and […]