Strengths of Panama for the establishment of shipping enterprises

SERVICIOSENPANAMA.COM Lic. Oliver Laprea Estudios de Maestría (UP) “Desarrollo del Sector Marítimo de Panamá” Énfasis: Empresas Navieras

Panama has benefited over time from its geographical position, from the discovery of the South Sea by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa in 1513 to the completion of the Canal Expansion by the middle of 2015. History has shown that major transit movement directly contributes to the Panamanian economy and that Panama is a natural, strategic point for setting [...]

CMP seeks business opportunities with Cuba

El ministro de Comercio e Industrias de Panamá, Melitón Arrocha, firman el Protocolo Modificatorio del Acuerdo de Alcance Parcial

Panama has established the basis for effective cooperation in maritime and logistics matters with Cuba under the Partial Agreement that was extended on November 7, 2014, during the celebration of version 32 of the International Fair of Havana (FIHAV 2014).

The Partial Scope Agreement was signed on March 16, 2009, between the then first vice president and chancellor of Panama, Samuel Lewis Navarro, and the Vice President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Ricardo [...]

Panama’s Maritime Authority staff rescue Swiss national

Personal de la AMP, que participó del rescate en compañía de Vicente Gamio (tercero de izquierda a derecha) ciudadano de nacionalidad suiza cuyo kayak había sufrido el percance

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced that its staff at the Port of Pedregal in the province of Chiriqui came to the rescue of a kayak that had suffered a mishap in the area of Boca Chica.

AMP technicians were at Boca Chica performing routine inspections when they observed three foreign citizens in the sector of the lighthouse signalling for assistance in locating a companion.

The Supervisor of the Health and Safety Office of the [...]

Ferry Xpress sets sail to Bocas del Toro

Ferry Xpress de Colon 2000

Travelers can now enjoy two days aboard a ship in the Bocas Del Toro islands, an internationally renowned destination with tropical architecture, music and authentic gastronomy.

The ship Ferry Xpress reached Isla Colón on its first voyage on Saturday, October 25.

This began the sightseeing cruises from the Port of Colón 2000.

This new tourism product is providing services of a cruise ship to the islands. The trip from the city of Colón lasts 12 [...]

Becoming a “yacht hub”

Amador se está preparando para recibir yates más grandes en su marina

Another Panama goal:

Efrem Zimbalist, CEO of Show Management, the company organizing the Panama International Boat Show of May 2015, has stated that “the target markets of the show are customers in Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

“We have designed the show towards these countries to attract and invite new participants.

“The show will be held at the Flamenco Marina, which currently has 250 permanent customers, a fact that has prompted a series [...]

ISO meeting discusses making Panama a full committee member

Representatives from more than 14 member countries of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), met in Panama to finalize the future inclusion of Panama as a full member of the Technical Committee on Ships and organization (ISO / TC 8 Ships and marine technology), among other topics.

The Technical Committee is led by Roland James Robertson Garcia, special assistant to the president of the Committee, Charles H. Piersall and Engineer Aníbal José Ortega O’Neill, manager [...]

Panama sets rules for maritime traffic

The new traffic separation system that will begin December 1, establishes four areas in the Canal’s approaches and coastal areas, protected due to their being environmentally sensitive sites.

The separation of traffic (TSS) will include three areas on the Pacific, one on the Atlantic and at the entrances of the canal to allow the organizing of vessel traffic congestion areas and it should protect humpback whales.

Areas that are protected include the Maritime Corridor, which [...]