VT Shipping positions Canal barge transshipment service

Las barcazas transitarán las viejas esclusas del Canal, que deberán tener más capacidad después de completarse la Expansión

Dutch company to pioneer new logistic phase for Panama

The Dutch company, VT Shipping, is preparing a system of container transshipment by barge between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of Panama through the Panama Canal.

The General Manager of VT Shipping in Panama, Mr. Jose Digeronimo, explained that the toll structure pertaining to the new Panama Canal Intra Maritime Cluster segment will take effect on April 1, 2015, and the company target is to start [...]

AMP to audit certification organizations of flag vessels

From January 2015 companies that inspect and certify foreign ships under the Panamanian flag will be audited by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to assess the quality of services provided.

The Resolution of the Board of the AMP states:

“Article 1: Execution of the AUDIT PLAN will be carried out on all auxiliary entities, Recognized Organizations, Classification Societies and Recognized Security Organizations approved by the Republic of Panama, for the purpose of determining management, competition, [...]

Giant ships keep coming

El MSC Oscar, momentáneamente el barco más grande de contenedores del mundo

Last century the big passenger shipping lines raced for the fastest crossing to win the legendary Blue Riband of the Atlantic. Now the big container lines seem to be in a similar competitive mode, but this time to see who can build the biggest ship.

The latest is the MSC Oscar, momentarily the biggest container ship in the world. She was delivered to the Switzerland-based Mediterranean Shipping Co. The latest vessel to claim “biggest-container-ship-in-the-world” status, [...]

Shipping pioneer dies at age of 88

William Young Boyd II

William Young Boyd II peacefully passed away at home in Panama City on December 31, 2014, at the age of 88. He was born March 5, 1926 in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Mr. Boyd graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 1944 and was drafted into the U.S. Army as an infantry replacement. He was in combat in Europe from January 1945 through the end of the war in May. As part of the distinguished [...]

Growth of Las Perlas lies in a reliable ferry service

Sea Las Perlas

As the builder of 14 commercial passenger ferries and day charter vessels, Sonny Eymann knows a thing or two about what it takes to provide reliable passenger service to meet the expectations of visitors, Pearl Island residents and business owners.

“Until we started the ferry service to Las Perlas, there was no reliable transportation between Panama City and the Pearl Islands,” said Eymann. “There were multiple commercial airline flights to Contadora, but a plane scheduled [...]

Maersk Line reduces its transpacific capacity

Maersk Line reducirá su capacidad transpacífica

The world’s largest container carrier, Maersk Line, has announced it is reducing its capacity in the southwest Pacific. In the past decade, the transpacific operating environment has been difficult, total trade has produced nothing profitable and results for nine of the last ten years has led some to question its long-term viability.

As a result, Maersk Line has analyzed the results of trade from an approach that ensures its position, according to a statement [...]

Bachelor in Maritime Industry: a new option for local youth

Bachelor in Maritime Industry

The 2014 graduation class of the Polytechnic Institute (IPT) of East Chiriqui took place in the presence of delegates from the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources (IFARHU), the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), administrative staff, the school faculty and families of the graduates.

Representing the AMP was the Assistant Director of the Department of Seafarers, Magdalena Carrera, who presented awards to the top three students, and praised [...]