IMO: “Sustainable maritime transport for a sustainable planet”

The IMO is safeguarding the environment.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council, during its 122nd session at the IMO headquarters in London, endorsed the theme proposed by the IMO Secretary General, Kitack Lim.

“I believe that this motto will provide flexibility to the Secretariat and to the Member States by highlighting the innumerable issues and challenges that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development entails.

“At the same time, it will provide excellent […]

Panama Ship Registry condemns illegal acts

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), through the Merchant Marine Department (DGMM), aware of the delicate situation of ships sailing in the Strait of Hormuz, expressed support for the statements by the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Kitack Lim, on this subject.

The statement was made during the 101st session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at the headquarters of this agency in London.

Panama withdraws flag from more ships

Panama is withdrawing its flag from more vessels that violate sanctions and international legislation, the Panama Maritime Authority told the news agency Reuters.

This follows the removal of about 60 ships from the registry in recent months that are linked to Iran and Syria.

After the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran by Washington in 2018, Panama’s former president Juan Carlos Varela gave the green light […]

ONE incorporates seventh container ship

El One Cygnus

The allianceOcean Network Express (ONE) received delivery of the container ship of 14,000 TEUs “ONE Cygnus” at the Japan United Marine Corporation shipyard in Kure, Hiroshima.

This is the third ship delivered to ONE this year after the M/V “ONE Apus” on April 19, 2019 and it is the last delivery in the series of seven carrying 14,000 TEUs, with the distinctive magenta color of the shipping company.


Panama’s Shipping Tax Regime is declared “non pernicious”

The Panama Shipping Tax Regime was declared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as “not pernicious”. That is, it does not present a risk, nor is it prejudicial to the tax or tax base of other countries in the region.

This took place in the framework of the development of the 52nd Session of the Forum on Pernicious Tax Practices (FHTP) that took place in […]

CMA CGM strengthens environmental objectives


CMA-CGM Group appraised its advances on the occasion of World Environment Day proving that it cleans discharged water of any living organism that may damage marine life, without releasing chemicals into the sea.

The creation of its Fleet Navigation Center allows the Group’s vessels to optimize their routes to reduce their fuel consumption and, therefore, their CO2 emissions.

Thanks to these actions, the Group indicated that […]

MedCar speeds, expands routes

Marfret tiene más contenedores reefer con tapón.

As of June 11, 2019, starting with the M/V Bomar Juliana in Genoa, the Mediterranean-Caribbean (MedCar) Line service, operated by Marfret between the Mediterranean, the French West Indies and Central America, will be upgraded.

This will provide a huge market opportunity for the American and European continents and involve an increase in vessel capacity, with the service being extended to new destinations in the Gulf of Mexico.

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