World trade reactivates

Panamá deberá jugar un papel clave como centro regional de comercio y trasbordo de carga.

Por Franklin Castrellón

The prolonged nine-year low economic cycle that began in September 2008 with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers bank, driven by excesses in the commercialization of subprime mortgages, seems to have come to an end. A rebound is seen beginning to consolidate world trade, starting in the last quarter of 2016.

The Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy and Analysis (CPB) reported that, in terms of volume, world trade grew by 2.4% in the […]

Panamanian tropical fruit exports decreased by 45%

Los TLC han afectados la exportación de frutas a Estados Unidos y Europa.

The Office of the Comptroller General has estimated that Panamanian exports will have decreased by 8% this year, when compared to 2015. This decrease is mainly due to the low export of tropical fruits, which has decreased by 45% since 2009, explained an article published in the daily “La Prensa”.

According to a report, pineapple exports, the country’s flagship product, fell by 36% this year, while melon exports decreased by 18%, and banana exports went […]

Panama and Colombia top gainers in trade with China

The Latin American trade deficit with China increased last year, according to an analysis by the Latinvex digital publication based on new data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Colombia was the Latin American country that had the greatest growth in its trade with China last year, both in real terms and as a percentage.

Trade between China and Colombia grew by 48.4% to $15.5 billion, the highest growth in the region. As a result […]

Dominican businessmen do not control shipping contracts

La carga está bajo el control del vendedor de origen

Dominican Republic businessmen each year lose millions of dollars because in none of the transactional patterns of international trade do they have control of maritime transport for their cargo, which in turn reduces the capacity to reduce logistics costs.

This was stated by Anibal Piña a shipping expert and company president of AP Marine Cargo (Intelligent Maritime Transport).

He argued that when making their purchases from international suppliers, Dominicans opt for CIF shipments (Cost, Insurance […]

Maritime link forges trade between Panama and China

China es el más importante proveedor de mercancías de la Zona Libre

China has become the second largest customer of the Panama Canal, opening the gateway to the Asian market for Panamanian products.

Trade between China and Panama is 99% in favor of Chinese sales in the Panamanian market, while Panama’s exports total about $40 million, said Wang Jian, deputy representative of the Office of Business Development of China in Panama, speaking to

Panama has no diplomatic relations with China and remains a strategic partner of […]

600 exhibitors at Expocomer

Expocomer, the most important trade fair of Panama and the region, returns to the Atlapa Convention Center from Wednesday, March 26 through Saturday, March 29. It is expected that more than 600 manufacturers from over 35 countries will take part.

The fair is the ideal place for companies to showcase their products and services to local and regional markets, introduce new products to market, evaluate competitors and use the Colon Free Zone as a bridge […]

Less bureaucracy in Customs

Less bureaucracy in Customs

The World Trade Organization achieved its first agreement in 22 years on measures to remove barriers to trade by simplifying Customs procedures.

The agreement that was reached in Bali could mean an increase of 1 trillion dollars in global trade.

In Part II of the draft ministerial declaration of Bali, related to Trade Facilitation, it specifies what Customs procedures need to be adopted by signatory countries.

Commenting on this agreement, the US Chamber of Commerce […]