Our Team

The Bulletin newspaper has been published and distributed for over 30 years, founded in 1981 to serve as an information source for global logistic news and shipping schedules.  The Bulletin is available for subscription if you would like it delivered to your door in newspaper form.  Contact us if you would like more information on having The Bulletin newspaper mailed to you each week.

To publish The Bulletin newspaper every week takes much effort from many people with many skill-sets.  The people in the list below are the major players on our team, but in no way should this be regarded as a complete team roster.

KENNETH JONES – A professional journalist and publisher began his career on newspapers in the UK, then Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean. He has written for many types of newspapers and magazines. He has published newspapers and magazines on a variety of Caribbean islands and in Central and South America as well as books (Panama Now, The Enemy Within, The Mariner Artist – Micheal Lester /Leszczynski). He is a co-publisher of The Bulletin and CEO of Focus Publishing Group to which The Bulletin belongs. Other publications of the group include The Visitor/El Visitante, Focus on Panama, FOB Zona Libre de Colon and Hub Logistico.

THEODORE JAMES – A professional journalist and publisher who began his career on newspapers in Australia, then the US and Latin America. He has written for many types of newspapers and magazines during a career spanning some 50 years or more. He has been a co-publisher of magazines in Panama and in Central America. He is a co-publisher and editor of The Bulletin.

JUAN RAFAEL DEAN – A Panamanian writer and photographer is a regular contributor to The Bulletin with both articles and photographs. Juan Rafael is a specialist in tourism but also covers politics and maritime affairs.

JORGE QUINTANA – A graphic artist and photographer scans the Panamanian newspapers daily to contribute the “Week in Review” column with an eye on business and maritime reports.

DEPARTMENT OF ART AND DESIGN – Our art department team has more than 20 years combined experience in the various fields of graphic design and is composed of Veronica Villanueva, Gisela Abrego and Carlos Gabriel Gonzalez. They are in charge of the lay-out, production and advert design for The Bulletin newspaper. All three are experts in photography and in the various programs used in graphic design.

VITO CORTESE – A computer specialist with an intimate knowledge of the internet, web design and data processes, he has been involved in the creation of many successful web sites (anchoragevillajamaica.com, colonfreezone.com, and vampirehealth.com to name a few) and has designed and operates the new site of The Bulletin – www.thebulletinpanama.com.

RAINIER GUILLÉN A. – A computer specialist with an vast knowledge of web design, web programing and the Internet.  He has been involved in the creation of many successful web sites like focuspanama.comcolonfreezone.com, and thevisitorpanama.com to name a few.

Associate editors
Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Dennis Smith

Occasional Writers
Jacob Ehrler
Craig Weincek

To contact any of our writers, please complete the contact form on our Contact Us page.