Cartagena receives new generation of ships

El Monte Tamaro

The German shipping line, Hamburg Süd, has decided to renew its ships entering the Cartagena terminal.

The Port of Cartagena began receiving a fleet of new and larger ships with more capacity.

It is one of the largest shipping companies in the world that uses this terminal as its main connection port in the Caribbean.

Hamburg Süd is the 11th largest shipping company in the world, and decided to expand and renovate its cargo ships [...]

Panama’s ports operate at 50% of productivity

Puerto de Balboa

One of the most important challenges facing Panama is to raise the productivity of its port system, according to Joe Nicklaus, CEO of APM Terminals.

Nicklaus said that compared with other port facilities worldwide, “Panamanian ports are operating at only half their overall productivity.”

Leveling productivity is a crucial niche opportunity for the port industry, said the executive.

Besides Nicklaus, other specialists who participated in the Latam Ports and Logistic Summit agreed on the importance [...]

Regional consensus against scanner rate in El Salvador

Consenso regional contra tasa de escáner en El Salvador

Regional agreements provide reciprocal and non-discriminatory treatment to service international land freight transport between Central American countries. reports that “… The deputy ministers of Foreign Trade of Central America agreed to send the full analysis of Guatemala, where it is shown that El Salvador is charging $18 for performing nonintrusive revisions which contravenes Central American regulations affecting trade in the region.”

The Government of El Salvador set the collection rate initially for all cargo [...]

Asmar plans to expand in step with Panama Canal

Astilleros y Maestranza de la Armada Chilena (Asmar)

According to the director of the Chilean shipyard Asmar, Admiral Andrés Fonzo, the Panama Canal expansion, planned for 2017, will impact the industry and generate larger merchant ships, so the idea of Asmar is to be one of the preferred sites of domestic and international shipping to carry out repairs.

In fact, it expects to do this in addition to providing services to the Chilean Navy, one of the leading revenue earners of that category [...]

Direct Sale of land in Colon to SMC Barcelona, S.A.

On April 8, the Cabinet authorized the direct sale of  126 hectares on Remo Largo Island in the district of Cristobal, Colon province. The sale will be “through exceptional procedure”, i.e., directly, so that the company SMC Barcelona, S.A. can construct, develop, manage and operate a multipurpose container handling port and other complementary activities.

Canal the main topic at the Latam Ports & Logistics Summit

Latam Ports & Logistics Summit

The Latam Ports & Logistics Summit took place last month at the Sheraton Hotel of Panama City. The event organized by BN Americas, a Chilean company which has nine years’ experience in the area, managed to gather shipping and logistic leaders from all over the world to discuss the impact that the Panama Canal widening will have on shipping routes, finding financing to build a port and the importance of insuring cargo.

Among the speakers [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No.30


Workers of the ports of Cristobal and Balboa require the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development (Mitradel) to observe and comply with the right to unionize. The legal representative of these workers, Martín González, said more than 500 employees of Panama Ports Company have taken to the streets to protest for the Mitradel to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court in favoring the creation of a union since 2010 that they [...]