A cruise port in Amador

Propuesta del terminal de cruceros en Amador.

By year’s end the tender should be published for a $30 million cruise ship port to be built on an area of 30 hectares of Perico Island on the Amador Causeway.

In addition to the construction of the port, the bid specifications include the design and construction of commercial spaces to provide services to the operation of the terminal, in an area of 11 hectares. The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) estimates the total investment at […]

In first month enlarged Canal earns $20 million

The administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, said that expectations are being met at this point of navigation, noting that there is good receptivity by shipping lines after opening of the new locks with the capacity to receive larger vessels.

The transit of 55 vessels and income of $20 million is the balance after one month of operation of the expanded Canal, the administrator said.

He considered that expectations are met at this […]

Week in Review August 22


More than 105 neo-panamax ships have transited the expanded Canal since its inauguration on June 26, the Panama Canal Administrator, Jorge Quijano said. These transits have generated between $50 and $55 million, but he explained that “not everything is new income, since a large part of panamax vessels have switched to neo-panamax”. He noted that 13% of the transits are new segments such as liquefied natural gas.


The Budget Commission of […]

Bill will permit foreign ships in property registry

Cambios en el registro atraerán a más barcos de bandera extranjera.

An initiative was presented to the National Assembly by the Minister of the Presidency, Alvaro Aleman, that seeks to create legal security of property rights and the rights of creditors, by allowing foreign-flagged ships to enter the Panamanian Property Registry.

For the Director of the Public Registry of Property, Mortgages and Liens of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) Jose Isabel Quintero, the proposal makes possible the “special registration of land titles and liens “in cases […]

Panama Ports could loose concession

Panama Ports podría perder concesión

The Panamanian government is considering rescinding the concession granted to Panama Ports Co., a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) for breach of the commitments agreed in the contract under law No. 5 of 16 January 1997. This is stated on the web site laverdaddepanamaports.com. The website, created to denounce alleged breaches of the powerful port operator, said that the government’s decision is based on Article 2.14.3, Termination of Contract by the State.


AMP wants to attract new ships

El Administrator de la AMP Barakat Pitty en APADEMAR.

“The Panamanian Maritime Administration, is running important market strategies to expand our fleet, and thanks to these efforts for the period 2016-2020, we expect about 665 new-buildings to join the Panamanian registry, which will generate valuable income for the State,” said the Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), Jorge Barakat Pitty.

His statements were made during the discussion group called “The present state and future prospects for the registration of ships”, which he attended […]

Prize for reducing gas emissions

Algunos barcos producen gases que dañan el medio ambiente.

The Panama Canal has launched the “Green Connection Award”, a new environmental initiative to recognize customers who meet and exceed environmental standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and/or other recognized international standards to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Panama Canal will evaluate the eligible candidates based on five specific environmental parameters, which are: the Energy Efficiency Index Design (EEDI) the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by […]