Panama bunkering procedure main topic at Bunkering 2014 Forum

By Nicolas Vukelja Duque

The Panama Chamber of Shipping Bunkering Commission started meetings this year with the different players involved in the bunkering services in Panama, with the initiative of developing the Panama Bunkering Procedure, the first Bunkering Procedure in Central America and South America.

The Panama Bunkering Procedure is a project of the Bunkering Commission, with the goal of standardizing the bunkering service in Panama involving all mayor players, such as agencies, lines, terminals, [...]

Timely inspections can avoid headaches

El 24 de noviembre de 1997, el MSC CARLA se partió en dos completamente

For more than a century, in the quest to reduce production costs and improve product quality, non-destructive testing (NDT) has been used to ensure the life of elements.

Likewise, the maritime industry has realized the importance of preventing disasters, delays and extending the life of their ships. Nobody wants to see their cargo lost at sea, their deliveries delayed by unexpected maintenance needs or irreversible damage to the environment.

Cases such as the MSC CARLA, [...]

Colon free zone working for the community

A large amount of sediment was found lodged in the sewage line, obstructing the operation of the pumps on Santa Isabel Avenue and 16th Street in the Colon Free Zone.

The Free Zone Maintenance Department officials gave support to the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers by checking the damage, and then proceeded to the line that kept accumulating sewage, causing malfunctions in the pumping station.

All the work in the community done by the Free [...]

UMIP fails training agreement

UMIP incumple acuerdo de certificación con Euronav

A mutual cooperation agreement signed in 2011 between the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) and European shipping company, Euronav, one of the major operators of tankers in the world, was about to sink because of problems in the implementation of the program for certification of some of the courses within the parameters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Euronav, operating with nearly a hundred tankers and owning most of its fleet, also charters ships [...]

Tolls discount for Panama West Metro Line?

Metro de Panamá

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

In recent developments, Japan announced it was prepared to finance and build Panama’s Metro Line 3, a 21 kilometers stretch that will connect Albrook Terminal to La Chorrera, crossing a fourth bridge over the Canal. It will have 14 stations, cost almost $2,000 million and run parallel to the Interamerican Highway. However, residents of Panama west will have to wait at least five years for it to become a reality.

Japan [...]

Bunkering Panama 2014, towards better competitiveness

Panama Maritime Authority logo

Vukelja: “An important added value for the maritime and logistics industry.”

In announcing the 5th Panama Bunkering Forum 2014, to be held next month, the president of the Organizing Committee, Nicholas Vukelja Duque said the event focuses on improving the country’s competitiveness in this activity. He said this event “constitutes an important added value to the maritime and logistics sector in Panama.”

Like previous versions, the 5th Panama Bunkering Forum is organized by the Bunkering [...]

Japan and Panama one step closer on financing Line 3 of the Metro and new Canal bridge

Officials of Panama and Japan are coordinating the steps to take to arrange financing, of the Metro Line 3 out to the west of Panama City which includes a new bridge over the Canal, although no construction date has been set.

The third line of the Panama Metro might be funded by the Japanese government over a 40 year span with a ten year grace period.

Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela, held a bilateral meeting [...]