Week in Review January 24


The Panamanian government announced that it suspended the purchase of two vessels from the Colombian Navy for about $30 million because of a pending bilateral tariff dispute that was decided in favor of Panama by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The purchase of the vessels, agreed last October, “was suspended until we can resolve the trade dispute,” said the Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Augusto Arosemena, during the presentation of his management report […]

The Arctic will be the new cold war frontier between US and Russia

La costa ártica.

By Germán Gorraiz Lopéz

According to an analysis of the Odnako website columnist, Alexander Gorbenko. “the north shipping route (that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific along the Russian coast), is considered as an alternative to the Suez and Panama canals, and could become in the near future one of the most important commercial corridors in the world.”

The North Shipping Route and the Northwest Pass along the Arctic Ocean shores (more precisely in the […]

Our Hidden Highway

Puerto de Vacamonte.

The Bulletin has suggested a passenger ferry route along the Pacific coast, from both east and west to Panama City to help alleviate present and future traffic congestion.

The word “ferry” covers a variety of water transport vehicles. What The Bulletin suggests is passenger ferries for a metropolitan service. This should not be confused with vehicle ferries, such as that used in Aguas Claras, Colon, or the ship-size truck, car and passenger ferries, such as […]

The Logistic Cabinet and its new strategies


The Panamanian logistic sector is gaining the reputation of being the most competitive in the region and has managed to lead international rankings in 2016 such as the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

Currently, this activity is moving forward with a steady pace and in the right direction, said the Minister of the Presidency, Alvaro Aleman, during his presentation about the Logistics Cabinet Achievements in 2016. The event brought together different experts from […]

The Seven Logistics Wonders of the World will be chosen in February

Port of Lazaro Cardenas.

This February they will announce the Seven Logistics Wonders of the World, for which an internet voting is currently taking place with 16 projects participating, among them three ports in Mexico and the Expanded Panama Canal.

According to the website www.soylogistico.org.mx, the projects that are participating in the contest were chosen by logistic sector professionals for being creations or constructions that generate competitive advantage, making the industry more efficient.

The list consists of projects such […]

Week in Review January 12


From Switzerland the bribes were paid in Panama. Investigations in Switzerland confirm the payment of bribes during the government of Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal. Without revealing even the names of the Panamanians who received these bribes from Odebrecht – the largest contractor of the Panamanian State – Switzerland confirmed the existence of bank accounts that would have reached more than $20 million in illegal payments.


The government of Juan Carlos Varela announced that […]

The expansion of the Canal and the Papers of Panama mark 2016

Ampliación del Canal y Papeles de Panamá marcan el 2016

The expansion of the Panama Canal, in which more than $5.4 billion invested, in 2016 raised the hopes of prosperity of the Panamanians, who also suffered the smear of the country’s image of their country by the scandal of the offshore companies known as the “Panama Papers”.

After almost a decade of work by more than 20,000 people, mostly Panamanians, the project culminated last June 26, when the third set of locks, built by an […]