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  1. I am delighted to have visited Panama city over the past few years, and have really enjoyed the people and the way they work very hard indeed, its a great place to visit, the hospatality of the people are so cheerful and very helpful.

    The bigest problem i witnessed is how the systems in the Banks are run, you try to open account and put deasent money down as a deposit, even for business, and you never get your account really open, even if you do you could need to be 100% residenced, and this is very unfair, when you come back to Panama after 3 months you find the account is gone and closed down. and one has to start all over again. I have never seen any other country in the world like this system, and I will not be retireing or investing which i had hoped to do, its very fustrateing and meaningless something should be done by Govtment to stamp this out!

  2. Juan Carlos Monterrey says:

    Buenos Días,

    Mi nombre es Juan Carlos Monterrey y soy un estudiante de Economía y Desarrollo Internacional en la Universidad de Tulane en New Orleans, EEUU. Me gustaría saber si su corporación esta en busca de escritores que produzcan cortos reportes semanales sobre diversos temas de economía y desarrollo.. Mi trabajo seria voluntario. Por favor, déjeme saber si usted cuenta con este tipo de oportunidades.


    Juan Carlos Monterrey
    Tulane University Class of 2013

    1. Le pasaremos su solicitud al Editor de nuestra publicación, para que la evalúe.
      Equipo de

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