Despite PPC criticism: ACP pushes ahead with Corozal terminal

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has justified its decision to pursue the development of a port terminal in the area of Corozal because it represents an opportunity to maximize the value of the route through the Panama Canal and it also promotes increased cargo traffic through the waterway.

However; Panama Ports Company (PPC), operator of the Port of Balboa, says this argument “does not stand up.”

The Board Resolution of the ACP states that the […]

UMIP Forum debates role of human resources in the industry

Strengthening the promotion of academic management and professional and technical activities more in demand today and in the foreseeable future within the logistics sector, was one of the topics on which participants coincided at the Second Forum on “Management of Maritime Crises, Protection and Security”, held on December 3, 2014 under the auspices of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP).

The acting rector of the UMIP, Fernanda Billard, gave the welcoming remarks, pointing out that […]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 48

National Newsbrief


The National Authority for Public Services (ASEP) canceled the final license granted to Panama NG Power company by the government of President Ricardo Martinelli to build a thermoelectric gas plant on Telfers Island in the province of Colón. It is the largest power generation project that was on schedule with 670 megawatts and represented an investment of over one billion dollars to begin operating in 2017. The company sent a message […]

Let’s stop talking and build a logistics hub

El puerto de Balboa

Editorial comment

The Government has announced the creation of an “inter-institutional logistics cabinet” to develop a “Master Plan.” Instead of more paper plans, the Government needs to tackle obstacles and facilitate the private sector to get on with the job so that the logistics sector will evolve in response to the realities of the industry.

First came the wheel, then sail, steam locomotion and, finally, the wing. These combinations led to what is now known […]

Strengths of Panama for the establishment of shipping enterprises

SERVICIOSENPANAMA.COM Lic. Oliver Laprea Estudios de Maestría (UP) “Desarrollo del Sector Marítimo de Panamá” Énfasis: Empresas Navieras

Panama has benefited over time from its geographical position, from the discovery of the South Sea by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa in 1513 to the completion of the Canal Expansion by the middle of 2015. History has shown that major transit movement directly contributes to the Panamanian economy and that Panama is a natural, strategic point for setting […]

Nicaragua Canal faces local and international opposition

The start of construction of the so-called Grand Canal of Nicaragua, scheduled for December 22, 2014, faces growing opposition, not only domestically but internationally. Internally, 21 civil society groups and political parties issued a manifesto in early December rejecting the concession granted to Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development (HKND), belonging to the Chinese businessman Wang Jing.

The real purpose of Law 840 for the development of infrastructure and Nicaraguan transport is to “create an enclave […]

ACP prepares Corozal port concession

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is preparing the prequalification process leading to a tender for the design, construction, development and operation of a container port in West Corozal.

The port will be developed on land owned by the ACP, taking place in two stages, and will include a construction area of 2,081 linear feet of piers, patio and container structures such as offices and warehouses.

The first phase will include 1,350 meters of quay, three […]