The expansion of the Canal and the Papers of Panama mark 2016

Ampliación del Canal y Papeles de Panamá marcan el 2016

The expansion of the Panama Canal, in which more than $5.4 billion invested, in 2016 raised the hopes of prosperity of the Panamanians, who also suffered the smear of the country’s image of their country by the scandal of the offshore companies known as the “Panama Papers”.

After almost a decade of work by more than 20,000 people, mostly Panamanians, the project culminated last June 26, when the third set of locks, built by an […]

Hidden highway: the coastal ocean

Ferry de Nueva York a Nueva Jersey.

It is said that sometimes people who live in a forest fail to see the trees.

This seems to have happened to all of us in Panama, where we lament traffic jams but wait in the hope of light rail (Panama Metro) and more highway lanes to solve the problems somewhere in the dim and distant future.

Meanwhile, while viewing the traffic chaos from TV “skycams” we all fail to note alongside the clogged highways […]