Two new cranes arrive at the Colombian port of Buenaventura

Improvements in the port of Buenaventura with two new Super Post Panamax. gantry cranes.
Mejoras en el puerto de Buenaventura con dos nuevas Grúas Pórtico Súper Post Panamax.

The National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia, ANI, announced the arrival of two new Super Post Panamax gantry cranes purchased by the Regional Port of Buenaventura SA, which constitute the largest cranes on the South American Pacific coast, intended to increase productivity in port operations. According to the Agency, the investment in the equipment was $16.7 million and their useful life is over 30 years. These cranes are part of the contractual commitment that the Port […]

Philippines investment in new Buenaventura port

The Aguadulce port project, one of the oldest in Buenaventura, is beginning to take shape. The builders expect construction to start before June this year because of the advances in the first phase of the road to the Aguadulce Peninsula in Colombia, the site of the terminal. “The first phase was the access road of 21 kilometers, that is being built by the Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce,” said Miguel Abisambra, manager of this company. The […]