Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the world

Cuarta Revolución Industrial está cambiando al mundo

The best companies have understood this revolution and have already begun the process of adaptation. The change is obvious and inevitable and has become more noticeable in the last decade, noting that everything has been digitized or is in that process.

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) within its organizational scheme, that the brand event, which is the annual Conference of Executives (CADE) begun in 1966 and only interrupted in 1988, due to the […]

CADE 2016 will analyze the expanded Canal potential

El Canal ofrece oportunidades de negocios.

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) has performed annually its distinguished Annual Conference of Business Executives (CADE), since 1966, which will take place this year from April 20 to 22 at the Sheraton Panama, with the theme “And After the Canal Expansion… What? Opportunities and Barriers.”

The event deepens the primary aim of bringing together the elite of the private, business, intellectual and government sectors to discuss, analyze and seek solutions to the most […]

Logistics, driving force for Panama and the region

CADE 2015 abarcó los retos para el sector logístico del país

Annual Conference of Executives CADE 2015:

Lic. Oliver Laprea Master in International Trade (ULACEX) Maritime Sector Development (UNP) ServiPanamax

The Annual Conference of Executives (CADE) 2015 ended with a recognition of the great challenges for the logistics industry in the country: To energize, strengthen and consolidate, so it was put forth by Mr. Carlos Ernesto Gonzalez de la Lastra, president of CADE 2015.

After the religious invocation, the program of the Annual Conference of Executives […]