Colón’s Enrique Jiménez Airport receives bilingual ATIS system

Aeropuerto Internacional Enrique A. Jiménez

STR-SpeechTech has completed the delivery and training of a technologically advanced ATIS System which has been installed in the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Enrique Jiménez International Airport, in Colón, Panama. The system was installed by Comtel S.A., a Panamanian company.

ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) broadcasts information to pilots of noncontrol information including runways in use and conditions, notices to airmen, and weather information. The Digital ATIS (D-ATIS) is received digitally in text […]

Colón will be the most benefited

Varela has great plans for the logistic sector

Franklin Castrellón

The People First Alliance government, to be installed on July 1, 2014, will have among its priorities for the next five years transforming Panama into an “air and maritime Logistical Hub of the Americas,” said President-elect, Juan Carlos Varela.

He also promised to consider converting Colón into a large free port. The possibility of converting Colón into a free port was […]

Panama sells island for “mega port”

Isla Remo Largo, Colón

Isla Remo Largo in Colón has been sold for $30 million for the construction and operation of a port for container handling for super Post Panamax vessels.

The Panamanian Cabinet authhorized the Administrative Unit of Reverted Properties to “…sell to the company SMC BARCELONA, SA, the polygon IL01 -01, located in the area of Isla Remo Largo, Cristobal district and in the province of Colón, at a price of $30 million for the construction, development, […]

Direct Sale of land in Colon to SMC Barcelona, S.A.

On April 8, the Cabinet authorized the direct sale of  126 hectares on Remo Largo Island in the district of Cristobal, Colon province. The sale will be “through exceptional procedure”, i.e., directly, so that the company SMC Barcelona, S.A. can construct, develop, manage and operate a multipurpose container handling port and other complementary activities.

International airlines betting on Panama

Aeropuerto Internacional Enrique Malek

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Panama took a step forward by developing three new international airports in Chiriqui, Coclé and Colón provinces in 2013. Now the real work begins to promote these terminals with airlines in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Moisés Véliz, former Vice-President of Governmental Relations for COPA Airlines and an expert in the aeronautical industry, said that this is going to be a long term process, but the main advantage is “we do […]

Panama awards coastal construction contract

With a $19.5 million offer, the RPL-CSI Panama consortium was awarded the construction of the Cuango-Santa Isabel highway in Colón. reports: “The project of 26 kilometers includes the construction of two bridges over the rivers Cuango and Culebra, which will provide access to the town of Santa Isabel, especially the Punta Cocoye sector, which borders the Guna Yala region, and has over 10 miles of white sandy beaches.”

According to the Tourism Authority of […]

Colon and Balboa ports top ECLAC container list

Overall activity was down

By Dennis Smith

According to the latest rankings from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on container movement, the Panamanian ports of Colon and Balboa move the most container cargo in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The ECLAC report says that Colon moved 3,518,672 TEUs in 2012 for a 4.4% growth rate and Balboa moved 3,304,599 TEUs, up 2.2%. The data is based on changes from 2011 […]