AMP receives Polish delegation

El administrador de la AMP, Jorge Barakat Pitty con la delegación polaca.

A delegation from the Republic of Poland, led by the Deputy Chief of the Latin American Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Krzsystof Hinz, visited the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

The meeting was held with the administrator of the AMP, Jorge Barakat Pitty, the secretary general, Tomas Avila, and the director and deputy director of the Merchant Marine Department, Fernando Solórzano and Margareth Mosquera, respectively.

This approach by the Polish authorities, is […]

More cargo movement at the Cortes terminal

La llegada de contenedores importados y exportados se ha incrementado en la terminal.

An average of between 110 and 120 ships per month are docking at the Central Operadora Portuaria (OPC) at the container terminal at Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

Comparing the second half of 2014 with the same period of 2015, general cargo handled increased by 15%, container throughput increased by 10% and currently the largest terminal has maximized its logistics of ships, said Mariano Turnes, CEO of the maritime complex.

“There are important historical developments in vessel […]

Technical Assistance awarded on fourth bridge over Canal

Cuarto puente sobre el Canal.

The best value tender for Technical Assistance for management of the fourth bridge over the Canal project was awarded to the company T.Y.LIN International Panama, SA, for $17,797,040.00.

This company obtained the highest score according to the analysis and relevant studies conducted by the evaluation commission.

T.Y. LIN International will be responsible for carrying out qualified and specialized technical assistance to ensure proper implementation of the objectives of this work in terms of design, construction […]

Importer’s unrest grows over new port charges

Puerto Cortés.

After twenty meetings held by the logistics chain and coordinated by the Competitiveness Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Puerto Cortés, Honduras (CCIC), importers again expressed their anger at the new port charges.

“This is based on the principle of ‘before and after’. If it is true, before the processes in Puerto Cortes they were semi-manual, it was cheaper and more efficient. Now we have an operator who supposedly has the know-how […]

New doubts surface on Nicaraguan canal

Esclusas de Agua Clara, Panamá.

The Panama Canal has cast fresh doubt on the viability of the planned Nicaragua canal.

The Panama Canal said there isn’t enough cargo to support two canals and that the price tag is far above what Nicaragua says it will cost.

That would require tolls three times those charged today by the Panama Canal to pay for it.

Oscar Bazan, executive vice president for planning and business development at the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) also […]

Goverment works with private sector

CMP apoya al Gabinete Logístico

By Franklin Castrellón

The Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP) has said they are satisfied with the implementation of the Logistics Office by the Panamanian government, and consider it a big step towards the ultimate goal of turning Panama into a regional logistics hub through “the establishment of the Consultative Council with the participation of the private sector”.

At a meeting on January 21, 2016, with representatives of the maritime and logistics industry, the ministers of […]

Mega-ships spur growth in Europe’s railways

Mega barcos estimulan el crecimiento de ferrocarriles en Europa

While Panama’s “logistics hub” lags:

Not only are investments surging in US railroad networks, but mega ships are demanding public and private railroad sectors in Europe to pick up steam. An extensive survey of these phenomena is reported in the January 23 edition of the Journal of Commerce by Special Correspondent, Malcolm Ramsay. “With the largest mega-ships now carrying up to 19,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units, modern ports need the capability to transport huge volumes of containers […]