Emotions run high at shipping event

Horatio Maclean at the MIT offices.

Much emphasis was placed on training young people, but the emotions stirred among participants at the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Shipping Association were a surprise.

They were caused by the story of a young third-year student of shipping and logistics at the Caribbean Maritime University of Kingston, Jamaica, Horatio Mclean.

Horatio accompanied the Jamaican delegation to Panama. He began his story by explaining […]

China will invest in Jamaica

The Prime Minister said she hoped China could share the opportunities and team up with Jamaica to produce world-class articles and services.

China invests primarily in Jamaican infrastructure and in its sugar industry, but the island anticipates more investment in agriculture, tourism and telecommunications, she said.

Jamaica ahead in race to be logistics hub of the Americas

The race to be the logistics hub of the Americas has already begun with the addition of Jamaica that has revealed its intention to position the island as the rival of Singapore. A similar situation is raking place with the Dominican Republic, while in Panama there is still a debate on the need for a long-term strategy that includes where to locate logistics parks. In a note published in Lloyd’s List it has been reported […]