maritime trade

Panama to have a one-stop shop maritime system

The Panama Maritime Authority and the Panama Canal Authority have reached an agreement for the creation of a one-stop shop that aims to streamline the procedures related to maritime trade in the country.

The two entities have signed an institutional cooperation agreement and will begin the procedures to create the Panama One Stop Window (VUMPA for its initials in English).

The aim of the VUMPA will be to streamline maritime transport through the simplification of […]

Panama Services Corp – together with the Canal

La ampliación del Canal un gran logro.

Panama, internationally recognized for its contributions to maritime trade is making history again.

Initially, in 1881, the construction of the Panama Canal was in the hands of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps and was finally completed in 1914, led by George Washington Goethals, a construction handmade by man, while we, as a nation, were still in our infancy. Now, 102 years later we have a modern and impressive infrastructure that we can still marvel at for […]

Panama warns that undeclared cargo threatens maritime trade

The Panamanian government gave notice to countries that use the Canal that not declaring ship cargo threatens the safety of the waterway and maritime trade.

In a written statement sent to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, it urged respect of the protocols on the perpetual neutrality of the route, following the discovery of an undeclared cargo of weapons owned by Cuba and carried on a North Korean ship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama […]