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Week in Review May 16


Revenues of the Colon Free Zone (ZLC) for 2018 could improve slightly, while the site recovers from a commercial crisis that resulted in a tax and tariff reduction for its users.


The expansion of the Panama Canal generates good results. Since its inauguration, from June 26, 2016, to April 30 this year, toll revenues exceed $528.6 million. Over 1,000 neo-panamax ships (an average of 5.9 ships per day) have transited the […]

Week in Review – Vol. 35 No. 4


The investment of $5,000 million in the expansion of the Panama Canal has woken up the “interest of many customers” and the cost will be amortized by 2029, said the administrator, Jorge Quijano, in Miami, where he participates in the Global Strategy Forum. “I am pleased to see that we are at the end of the road and we expect to see revenues increase substantially,” following the opening next June, Quijano said.


Week in Review – Vol. 34 No. 12


The Panama Canal Administration (ACP) presented its budget for 2016. The administrator, Jorge Luis Quijano, and the Minister of Canal Affairs, Roberto Roy, delivered to a full sitting of the National Assembly documents on the project amounting to $2,630 million.


The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) decided, through Resolution 106-67 DGMM of July 30, 2015, to make additional discounts to newly built vessels that register under the Panamanian merchant marine up […]

Week in Review – Vol. 34 No. 8

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After years of trade with Colombia and the multi-million Venezuelan debt held by businessmen, the Colon Free Zone (CFZ) is looking for new markets to face the prevailing bad moment in this zone. Since 2014, the Colon Free Zone Users’ Association (AU) seeks to attract new customers from Europe, Asia and Africa. It also seeks innovative ways to market products, trying to compensate for the difficulties which have been caused by […]