natural gas

Indian Ocean gas find may enter Asian market

Hidratos de gas están atrapados en el fondo del mar.

While the US is looking to the expanded canal to compete for natural gas (LNG) sales to Asia and Panama expects more gas tankers to arrive, there may be a new competitor on the horizon.

The US sees the expanded canal making its gas exports to countries such as Japan and China more competitive against gas exports from Australia, which is closer to those markets.

Now a joint expedition by India and the US has […]

Panama regulates natural gas usage

Panamá regula uso de gas natural

The government is working on a draft Bill to regulate the distribution of energy generated from natural gas in the country.

At a time when increase investments in power generation projects based on natural gas is taking place in Panama and in the region, the head of the Ministry of Energy confirmed that they are preparing the basis for a regulatory framework for the distribution of energy generated from gas.

The Panamanian authorities have opted […]

Sooner or later natural gas terminals come to Panama

A network of natural gas bunkering stations in the world has not yet been developed. However, because of ecological requirements in some parts of the world, the picture will soon change.

Recently the European Union made a proposal, accepted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), adding to MARPOL Annex 6, a requirement in certain parts of the world that by 2015 there will be a drastic reduction in sulfur emissions. That will change the type […]