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Editorial: Regrettable incident at the Colón railway

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC)

An incident occurred in Colon on January 16, 2017, typical of a fourth-world country, which should never be repeated: The Municipal Council of Colón, headed by Mayor Federico Policani, decided to sit on the Panama-Colon railroad tracks at the Colon station to protest against the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) administration because this company “does not contribute municipal taxes, nor does it support it in its social works.”

The transisthmian railroad provides a vital service […]

Canal Railway prepares for expansion and Corozal

Una de las esclusas del Canal Ampliado.

By Franklin Castrellón

The main shipping lines in the world are prepared to take advantage of economies of scale that will be offered by the opening of the expanded Canal from June 26, 2016.

The Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC), operator of the transisthmian rail link is also preparing and is ready to increase capacity and improve efficiency, its president and CEO, Thomas Kenna, told The Bulletin.

PCRC has just acquired its eighth rolling crane […]

Railway would invest $75 million if port of Corozal is approved

El ferrocarril de Panamá

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) is prepared to invest just over $75 million if the concession for a port in Corozal is given to an international operator, The Bulletin was told this by Thomas Kenna, president and CEO of that company.

Currently it is serving the terminal ports of the Canal. In its operational phase the railway would require an additional amount of new employees to meet the growing demand, he added.

PCRC, which has […]

The CMP Golf Tournament celebrates 20 years

On Friday, May 22, the XX Panama Chamber of Shipping Golf Tournament was held. Mr. Tomás Kena of the Panama Canal Railway Company, tournament organizer for all these years, passed the baton to his successor with the expectation that the competition will continue to take place with the support of chamber members and sponsors. The CMP recognized Mr. Kena’s dedication as well as the Manzanillo International Terminal for its uninterrupted sponsorship of the event since […]

Automotive sector key to Mexican railroad

Jose Zozaya, president of the KCSM railway.
José Zozaya, Presidente de (KCSM).

The automotive sector is a cornerstone for the growth of Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM) this year, said the president of the railway, José Zozaya. Kansas City Southern is also the operator of the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) that runs between the ports of Balboa and Colon. “There is confidence in the country, foreign investment is still flowing, new plants of automakers are opening so we see a very positive year, the overall […]

Panama needs to strenghten port capacity

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) has expansion plans.
Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) tiene planes de expansión.

The rise in the Panama Canal capacity will put pressure on the logistics sector, especially the ports, said the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) and a study published by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). Thomas Kenna, CEO of PCRC, said that the company is working only at 40% of its capacity. “We need more ports, and it is imperative that new facilities are built before it is too late.” “Since the announcement of  the construction […]