Panama Maritime Authority

Seafarers’ license monopoly eliminated

Otras organizaciones ahora podrán certificar a los marinos

As part of the changes taking place in the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) it has been proposed that the Panama International Maritime University present a plan for it to complete the certification process or “assesment” that regulates the Code of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

“The state could also invite other companies to participate in the program that the administration of former President Ricardo Martinelli decided to give exclusively to Orion Maritime”, says [...]

New administrator takes over Panama Maritime Authority

Roberto Linares resigns

Lawyer Jorge Barakat has taken over the administration of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) after the resignation of Roberto Linares.

The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, said on Friday, July 4, that he was designating Jorge Barakat as AMP administrator with Alejandro Moreno as Deputy Administrator of the entity.

The administrator of the AMP is considered a minister without portfolio for the purpose of participation and assistance to the Cabinet, under [...]


AMP: Emerging signs of corruption?

When a government entity prefers to give concessions by the direct route, rather than through open competition in order to choose the best bidder, then there is a sign of possible corruption. And when this is done in an opaque process and unknown companies chosen that have no experience, then it is time to carry out an investigation.

That seems to be what has happened with the management of [...]

The secret dealings of the Maritime Authority

Questionable dealings in the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and even doubt on the competence of its administrator have been the focus of Panamanian TV media. This has been revealed in programs on Panamanian television stations Telemetro Channel 13 and RPC Channel 4.

Channel 13 carried an investigative report on the AMP compiled by a team led by journalist Lina Vega Abad.

RPC Channel 4’s “Open Debate” panel program took the questions further when panel members [...]

Logistics Department must be under the Presidency

At the workshops held between the public and private sectors, coordinated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) it was recommended that a Secretariat of Logistics be set up in coordination with the National Logistics Strategy.

Gisela Porras, consultant of legal framework for the IDB, said that if the National Logistics Plan became a ministry it would create more bureaucracy because it would have to absorb Customs, the [...]

Panama implements Pele Marine

The Panamanian Cabinet authorized the hiring for one year of service for 380 users, mobile devices and a back office platform.

The system will be bought by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for use to locate, manage and report on rates and seamen’s rights in international and national waters.

The Cabinet report states:

“The Cabinet Council authorized, by Cabinet Resolution, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) purchasing a monthly service (12 months) of the Pele Marine [...]

Group to invest $6.5 million for marina in San Carlos

A statement from the Panamanian Cabinet has announced:

“The Cabinet Council approved a favorable Resolution to a Concession Agreement between The State, through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for The Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., under which it will invest $6.5 million”.

It is explained in the document that according to the application filed by the company Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., the area will be used for the construction, use and operation of a [...]