Panama Maritime Authority

Panama implements Pele Marine

The Panamanian Cabinet authorized the hiring for one year of service for 380 users, mobile devices and a back office platform.

The system will be bought by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for use to locate, manage and report on rates and seamen’s rights in international and national waters.

The Cabinet report states:

“The Cabinet Council authorized, by Cabinet Resolution, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) purchasing a monthly service (12 months) of the Pele Marine [...]

Group to invest $6.5 million for marina in San Carlos

A statement from the Panamanian Cabinet has announced:

“The Cabinet Council approved a favorable Resolution to a Concession Agreement between The State, through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) for The Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., under which it will invest $6.5 million”.

It is explained in the document that according to the application filed by the company Marina Vista Mar Group, S.A., the area will be used for the construction, use and operation of a [...]

AMP participates in workshop on maritime search and rescue

Mecanismos de respuesta deben coordinarse al realizar una operación de búsqueda y rescate

Officials of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) participated in the “Interagency SAR Workshop” where mechanisms were coordinated between state institutions responsible for responding to emergencies and people in danger at sea.

This initiative seeks to promote a coordinated response among state security agencies in search and rescue operations in accordance with the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue , 1979 (SAR) .

During the second day of the event, the institutions made a presentation [...]

Political and lacking logic


Recently a new bill was put forward before the National Assembly that will extend the length of tenure of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) administrator, the deputy administrator and the board members from five years to seven years. It also eliminates the requirement that the administrator and the board should have had links with the maritime sector for at least seven years. The proposal modified Decree Law 7 of February 10, 1998 that created [...]

Concession awarded to Port & Harbour Marine Services

The Panamanian Cabinet approved on July 1st Draft Resolution No. 114-13 which gives a concession contract to Port & Harbour Marine Services Corp., from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) of a total area of nine hectares, 5327.222 m2, in the old Ferry landing area, near the Bridge of the Americas.

This area is within the port of Balboa and has a term of 20 years for the establishment of the project called Building Multipurpose Wharf [...]

Panama shines in Sea Asia

As a leader in ship registration, its Panama Canal excellence and a platform for cargo logistics services, Panama had a special promotional booth at Sea Asia 2013 represented by the Panama Maritime Authority and the Panama Canal.

Sea Asia is the showcase of the latest technologies, designs and maritime-logistics solutions, which gives business users the ability to improve their corporate profile in a growing competitive market.

It also serves to optimize business networking, provide [...]

Colon people reject concession contract

Pier 3 dispute continues; they want an answer

Controversy continues between the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and the “Frente Amplio de Colón” (FAC) over a concession given to the company Termini Financing Group to operate Pier 3, the former fiscal wharf plus 2.4 hectares that extend from Calle 10 in Colon City and the area known as “La Playita.”

In the Official Gazette (Gaceta Oficial) 27.190 of December 24 2012, Termini has permission to operate [...]