Panama Maritime Authority

CMP and AMP foster growth of auxiliary maritime industry

In order to further strengthen the logistics and maritime potential of the country, the Board of the Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP) met with Jorge Barakat, director of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and the Director of Ports, Gerardo Varela, to receive updates on the current management of the AMP.

Highlighted was the progress of building a dock for the auxiliary maritime industry, which is expected to be tendered in January 2016.

“We’ve received a [...]

Panama re-elected among the 10 most important

Jorge Barakat.

Jorge Barakat, administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced that Panama was re-elected among the 10 most important maritime countries in the world.

According to the official, this achievement was possible thanks to the capacity and technical quality of the AMP staff.

“Panama is the number one ship registry in the world, but it is also a leader in Latin America and the Caribbean in port matters,” he reiterated.

He added that the entity [...]

Licencing for maritime services suspended

Panamá suspende concesión de licencias para servicios marítimos

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has “temporarily suspended” the licencing of maritime chandelling and fuel supply services.

The decision has sparked protests from businessmen.

AMP sources say there have been several studies that justify the decision to temporarily suspend the granting of licences to practice the ship chandelling activity of transporting supplies and fuel with floating equipment.

However, companies that have a direct contract with any oil company can skip the suspension.

The decision has [...]

AMP continues making progress for the country

Reunión en la Autoridad Marítima de Panamá

The maritime sector has progressed significantly in the past twelve months and provides 23 percent of GDP, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) being the third institution that produces more economic benefits for the nation.

This institution has launched projects in Vacamonte, Aguadulce and Puerto Armuelles to boost the economy in these population centers.

Jorge Barakat Pitty, Administrator of the AMP said his institution is “committed to the administration of the national maritime wealth and equitable [...]

Puerto Rincon opens in Donoso, Colon

Puerto Punta Rincón, Colón

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) formalized the international port of Punta Rincon, for use that was built with the private investment of Minera Panama.

The port will serve the loading of all mining production and materials to be used for the construction of the power plant and copper ore to be exported. It is located in the area of Donoso, Colon Province.

This port is very important because it raises a new vision on the [...]

Panamanian Shipping industry fights back

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The maritime industry has been under siege over the last five years with a series of scandals. They involve the sale of seamen’s certificates by Orion Maritime Trading, with the blessing of the then Panama Maritime Authority Administrator, Roberto Linares; the nefarious Law 41 of June 14, 2013, restricting significantly the access of foreign investors to maritime auxiliary industries and then Greece’s financial problems that have hit hard that sector in [...]

Companies from U.S., Europe and China interested in port of Aguadulce

Guimara Tuñón Guerra

By Franklin Castrellón

Port operators from the United States, Europe and China have expressed interest in the project of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to develop a multipurpose terminal in the area where once operated the Port of Aguadulce, Guimara Tuñón Guerra, deputy director of Ports of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), told The Bulletin.

The tender for “best value” for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a multipurpose terminal in that area was [...]