Editorial: Regrettable incident at the Colón railway

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC)

An incident occurred in Colon on January 16, 2017, typical of a fourth-world country, which should never be repeated: The Municipal Council of Colón, headed by Mayor Federico Policani, decided to sit on the Panama-Colon railroad tracks at the Colon station to protest against the Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC) administration because this company “does not contribute municipal taxes, nor does it support it in its social works.”

The transisthmian railroad provides a vital service […]

Call for regional freight strike

For new taxes in El Salvador

The Central American Council of Transport announced a strike of three days to protest a measure in El Salvador charging a tax of between $35 and $250 on freight carriers. reported that “the measure will affect all regional trade,” and in solidarity “the rest of international freight carriers of Central America will join the isthmian strike to send a message to other governments that have created new […]