Vol. 32#34

Blackouts could affect the maritime sector

Sources in the shipping and logistics industry have said that if the government decides to program blackouts the image of the Panamanian ports would be tarnished and a significant amount of money could be lost as cargo waits to be processed.

Most affected would be reefer (refrigerated) containers, but all movements would be affected.

The industry is preparing itself after the government announced possible electricity rationing in the public and private sector.

The extended dry […]

Initiative needed to resurrect Colon

This week The Bulletin is presenting a photo coverage and report on the disastrous condition of the City of Colon.

This is not a political statement, but an attempt to contribute to the quest for a solution to the deplorable conditions of Panama’s second largest city.

For many years Colon has been an entry point for cruise ship passengers and foreign visitors to the Colon Free Zone who return to their own countries with poor […]

Panama Ports and ACP in conflict over Corozal

The ACP is conducting studies to create eight megaprojects and avoid a bottleneck in logistics.

For the Panama Canal, the debate centers around whether the investment in new projects should be by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) or whether to create the conditions for private enterprise to make the investment.

Over a year ago, the ACP announced that it is conducting studies to develop the port terminal of Corozal, on the Pacific,

However, Panama Ports […]

Colon is poor sister in Panama boom time

Colon is the capital of the northern province of Panama and is the most populated urban center in the country after Panama City.

It has the second largest free zone in the world after Hong Kong; it is a homeport for two important cruise ship lines and it is responsible for 15% of the country’s GDP, approximately $4 billion a year. However, the people of Colon do not appear to be obtaining benefits from this […]

New York Times focuses on the plight of Colon

The New York Times recently ran an article on the decline of the city of Colon located at the Atlantic mouth of the Panama Canal.

The article stated that work is underway on a multibillion-dollar expansion of the Panama Canal, just outside Colon.

Then there is also the Colon Free Zone and the Colon 2000 duty-free zone and cruise ship port that allows visitors to shop without entering the city’s squalor.

On the economy, it […]

Colon tries to solve crime rate

Special reprt on Colon by Marijula Pujol Lloyd Photos by: Francisco Mair

Some Colon community leaders fear that crime in this city is the consequence of levels of unemployment combined with the lack of opportunities for unskilled workers pushing young people to join gangs.

The Mayor of Colon, Dámaso García, said that the municipality is introducing programs in schools and creating youth centers to try to fight this phenomenon.

Years ago Colon was a popular […]

Colon crumbles while officials talk

Unlike the Old Quarter in Panama City, there is no real estate speculation in Colon to create interest in reconditioning and saving historic buildings.

“Until we have an agreement between the National Heritage Department, the governor and mayor of Colon, the Old Quarter will stay as it is, but for the moment nothing can be done,” said the Provincial Director of the Housing Ministry (MIVI), Osvaldo Chavarria.

He added that at the moment no plans […]