Vol. 38#2

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ACP seeks to improve Pacific access

El Puerto de Balboa se beneficiaría con esta medida.

Since May 9 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has implemented new navigation rules for access to the Pacific Ocean, allowing ships to pass in opposite directions in daylight.

This measure helps alleviate the impact of this restriction on the ports of Balboa (Hutchinson PPC) and PSA Panama, both located at the Pacific entrance of the waterway.

To date nine vessel passes have been carried out in […]

The incredible expanded Panama Canal

Las nuevas esclusas han permitido el tránsito de megabarcos.

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

The expanded Panama Canal celebrates its third anniversary on June 26, 2019. Since its completion it has become a green route that is commonly used by shipping companies that send their mega ships through this waterway.

The construction of a third set of locks is the biggest endeavour undertaken by Panama since the inauguration of the original Canal in 1914.

The project […]

Week in Review Vol. 38#2


The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) reported that the design and construction of the Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal is in its preliminary stage with topographic and geotechnical studies and identification of the areas for the construction of roads. Through a statement, the MOP highlighted that it develops this through the Panama Fourth Bridge Consortium, made up of the companies China Communications Construction Company Ltd and China Harbor Engineering […]

CMA CGM strengthens environmental objectives


CMA-CGM Group appraised its advances on the occasion of World Environment Day proving that it cleans discharged water of any living organism that may damage marine life, without releasing chemicals into the sea.

The creation of its Fleet Navigation Center allows the Group’s vessels to optimize their routes to reduce their fuel consumption and, therefore, their CO2 emissions.

Thanks to these actions, the Group indicated that […]

MedCar speeds, expands routes

Marfret tiene más contenedores reefer con tapón.

As of June 11, 2019, starting with the M/V Bomar Juliana in Genoa, the Mediterranean-Caribbean (MedCar) Line service, operated by Marfret between the Mediterranean, the French West Indies and Central America, will be upgraded.

This will provide a huge market opportunity for the American and European continents and involve an increase in vessel capacity, with the service being extended to new destinations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Panama-David train study completed

Oscar Ramírez presentó el estudio de factibilidad.

President Juan Carlos Varela received the feasibility study of a railway system between Panama and David, one of the flagship projects of non-reimbursable cooperation between the Republic of Panama and the People’s Republic of China.

It will now be up to the incoming government of Laurentino Cortizo to take the final decision on this project.

Oscar Ramírez, director of Tocumen International Airport and who chairs the […]