Week in Review

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 51


The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) invested, until December 31 last year, $4.54 billion in the expansion works of the waterway, estimated to cost $5.25 billion. This is shown in Quarterly Report No. 33, which details the progress of the waterway expansion and emphasizes that, in this period, the manufacture of the Canal’s new gates in Pordenone, Italy was completed, and the transfer of the last four gates was also made.



Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 50


President Juan Carlos Varela created a High Level Group to promote the development of the Amador Causeway and another to assess the viability of the Colón Free Port Project. The purpose of the first HLG is to analyze comprehensively the development of the Amador area to include a port for cruise ships, maximizing the use and development of the properties belonging to the Administrative Unit of Reverted Properties (UABR), attract tourism and [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 49

National newsbriefs


The workers’ strike in the Pacific Access Project (PAC4), which is part of the Canal expansion, will remain until the contractor reinstates the worker who was dismissed on December 23 and a new payroll audit is conducted. This was confirmed by the secretary of the National Union of Construction and Allied Workers (UNTRAICS), Abelardo Herrera, who noted that the negotiations held with the directors of the ICA-MECO-FCC Consortium “remain stagnant.”


Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 45


At the end of 2015 the third set of locks of the Panama Canal could be ready, which is now 80% complete, said the administrator of the interoceanic route, Jorge Quijano. The Panama Canal Authority considers that the works, which are a year late, will conclude within its initial budget and only increase if they lose any of the litigation claims of different groups for overruns, such as Unidos por el Canal, which [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 44

National newsbriefs


In fiscal year 2014, which ended on September 30, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) handled a total of 326.4 million PCUMS tons (universal system of Panama Canal tonnage measurement) or a growth of 2% over the previous year. Although this is an increase of 6.3 million tons from 320.1 million PCUMS tons last year, it is still below the record of 333.2 million PCUMS tons set in 2012.


The [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 43

National newsbriefs


The Panama Canal administrator, Jorge Luis Quijano and the Minister of Canal Affairs, Roberto Roy, handed to former US President Jimmy Carter, the “Panama Canal Award” for the centenary of the waterway. The awarding took place at the Carter Center in Atlanta. The former American President guaranteed transfer, by signing the 1977 agreement with Panama on December 31, 1999 at “a political cost to himself,” noted the ACP in a statement.


Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 42


President Juan Carlos Varela said in Madrid that he could not see “economic viability” of the Nicaragua Canal, while he set the date for “early 2016” of the expansion of the Panama Canal. “Panama is well advanced in the expansion of its canal, i.e., we do not see much economic viability in a project to cost $70 billion,” said Varela, referring to the Nicaraguan project, when he spoke during a breakfast briefing [...]