world trade

World trade reactivates

Panama will play a key role as a regional center for trade and cargo transshipment.

Por Franklin Castrellón

The prolonged nine-year low economic cycle that began in September 2008 with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers bank, driven by excesses in the commercialization of subprime mortgages, seems to have come to an end. A rebound is seen beginning to consolidate world trade, starting in the last quarter of 2016.

The Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy and Analysis (CPB) reported that, in terms of volume, world trade grew by 2.4% in the […]

Obama speech and Biden visit encouraging to logistics sector

Los puertos panameños se están empezando a preparar para recibir a los barcos pos-panamax

Chamber of Shipping president:

Two events in the past three weeks show that the Panama Canal expansion and the opportunities that will open to world trade are being better understood at other latitudes than in Panama.

The first occurred when the US President, Barack Obama, said on a visit to the Port of New Orleans on November 8 that US ports must be prepared for the huge post-Panamax ships that will be serving United States’ […]