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Celebs Throw Their Support Behind Russell Brand Amid Allegations

Support Pours In for Russell Brand as He Faces Allegations: Celebrities Rally Behind Him

Celebs Throw Their Support Behind Russell Brand Amid Allegations
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In the wake of sexual assault allegations levied against comedian Russell Brand, several prominent figures have spoken out in his defense.

The Support Pours In

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk took to Twitter to voice his support for Brand. In a cryptic tweet, Musk seemed to imply that the accusations against Brand were unfounded, writing “He said: ‘Of course. They don’t like competition.”

Actor and political commentator Laurence Fox also questioned the allegations in a video posted to his YouTube channel. “Whatever Russell Brand got up to…would have been sort of acceptable,” Fox stated. “Now that may be an uncomfortable thing to deal with for people but that’s how the world was then.”

Controversial media personality Andrew Tate also waded into the controversy on Twitter, posting a meme implying he was ready to defend Brand against the “crazy b***h allegations.” Tate has himself faced accusations of abuse from several women.

Donald Trump Jr. also appeared to show support for Brand, sharing a meme on Instagram comparing Brand to others who have faced allegations like his father Donald Trump. “One day they’ll be coming for you. I don’t believe in this much coincidence and neither should you,” Trump Jr. wrote.

Brand’s sister-in-law Kirsty Gallacher also seemed to voice her backing, sharing Brand’s statement video on her Instagram story with a heart emoji, though she later deleted the post.

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The Allegations Explained

The sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand date back to a period between 2005-2012 and were brought forward by several women in a joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4. The women allege non-consensual sexual acts, rape, misogynistic abuse, and manipulation during sexual relationships with Brand.

Brand has strongly denied all allegations of non-consensual behavior or serious criminal wrongdoing. In a YouTube video response, he stated that his relationships were “always consensual.”

It remains to be seen how public opinion and any potential legal proceedings will unfold. But for now, it seems Russell Brand has some high profile figures in his corner supporting him against the accusations. The controversy is likely to continue generating discussion around issues of celebrity, gender politics, and due process.

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